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5 Ways to Add a Coastal Design Twist to Your Home Remodel

So often, when we think of coastal design, it includes anchors, stripes, and red, white, and blue. But these elements actually fall into the nautical design category and can quickly become overwhelming. Whether you are located near the water, as many Maryland homes are, or you just enjoy a seaside aesthetic, it can be fun to incorporate elements that evoke the maritime lifestyle. So how do you choose pieces that fit a coastal theme, but don’t border on a cheesy beach house vibe? Consider these classy elements to turn your home into an everyday getaway.

Deep Blue Accents

Blue Accents in KitchenWhen we think of the beach, we often think of light blue pastels. While pastel can be a great choice in warmer climates, darker blue evokes the New England coastal look that is increasing in popularity. These deep blue pops of color work well with a white wood base, but they also mix beautifully with stormy grey tones.

Consider adding a pop of blue cabinetry on an island, a blue accent wall, or dark blue upholstery. In the photo above, the homeowner opted for a stunning blue quartz countertop that flowed up the backsplash to the ceiling. The quartz evokes the idea of swirling water and seafoam.

Wood Elements

Wood ElementsNatural wood and coastal style go hand in hand. Whether we think of docks and ships with darker wood or driftwood on the beach, this natural addition to your design is a perfect coastal accent.

Depending on the rest of your color scheme, you can use a lighter reclaimed wood for shelving, or stain wood beams in a medium or darker finish. If you don’t have a beam, consider installing a false one to take your coastal aesthetic all the way to the ceiling.

Brass Hardware

Brass Hardware

Brass warms up any living space, but it can be especially useful in a coastal design as it evokes images of ships at the dock. Plus, brass pairs beautifully with the deep blues that are popular in modern coastal spaces.

Consider brass finishes in your lighting, cabinet pulls, island stools, or even the kitchen sink. For a quirky addition, you could add a brass door knocker in an anchor or mermaid theme. To get a vintage-inspired coastal look, use unlacquered brass as the patina will change over time.

Statement Light Fixtures

Statement LightsWith all of the styles available, pendant lighting is a great way to add to any design aesthetic, and coastal is no exception. Pendant lights over a sink, island, or dining table can create a soft glow that adds to the coastal style.

As mentioned above, brass hardware is a great way to bring the industrial look of old ships into the home. A great way to add brass is with a domed pendant light. To add an industrial look without a big metal dome, add an Edison bulb that looks like it could have come from an old lantern. If your coastal aesthetic is more modern, consider interesting glass lighting that has a bubble effect. Today’s options for kitchen lighting are seemingly endless!

Themed Accessories

Themed AccessoriesWhen you are creating a coastal design, it is tempting to throw in everything that makes you think of the seaside. But tons of shells, sea glass, anchors, ocean waterscapes, and fish motifs can quickly overwhelm a room.

Think about the things you love about being oceanside. For example, if you enjoy boating, then you could include a model ship, add a compass side table, and even install a tongue and groove ceiling in the shape of a boat hull. Alternatively, if you like relaxing by the beach, add throw pillows with sea creatures, coastal woven blankets, a jute rug, and a centerpiece made of driftwood. If you enjoy fishing, consider adding framed coastline map, rope accents on the mirrors or as curtain loops, and an antique fishing rod on the wall.

The items you choose must evoke the same coastal lifestyle. Depending on the size of the room, choosing three to five nautical elements that match the same theme will keep your home looking effortlessly coastal.

Whatever your design style, Brothers design professionals are ready to help make your dream home a reality. Schedule a free consultation today.