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attic insulation

Blown-in Attic Insulation

Insulate your home with blown-in attic insulation to enjoy better temperature regulation year-round.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • More Comfortable Home
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Year-Round Protection
Insulate Your Attic
attic insulation


With 60 million homes in the U.S. currently under-insulated, many homeowners are settling for less and missing out on the comfortable living space that upgrading their attic insulation provides. When done right, blown-in attic insulation hugs your home like a blanket to keep you comfortable with more consistent temperatures.

  • Comfortable Living Space

    Proper insulation creates less fluctuation in temperature inside the home. Insulation blocks excess heat and cold from entering your house, sealing it like an envelope.

  • Quick & Easy Installation

    Owens Corning high-performance blown-in fiberglass insulation is mess-free and only takes a couple of hours to install through a long hose into your attic.

  • Decrease Your Energy Use

    Properly insulating your attic allows you to utilize heat and AC less, which earns back your investment through lowered utility bills. Plus, homeowners can earn up to 107% back by insulating their attic according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report.

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Why Choose Brothers to Insulate Your Attic?

For over 30 years, Brothers Services has helped homeowners stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter by adding blown-in insulation to attic spaces.

  • Efficient Service

    You can trust us to do the job right and get it done in as little as a day, so you can quickly reap the rewards of a more comfortable home.

  • Experienced Tradespeople

    Our experts understand how the layers of your roof, insulation, and ventilation throughout your home work together. We use specific calculations rather than assumptions to ensure your home is properly insulated.

  • A Smooth Experience

    A dedicated Customer Care Manager is available to answer any questions and a Field Quality Manager will oversee all work onsite to make sure that all work is done to our exacting standards.

Brothers Services – Full Service Remodeler
Insulation Specialty Company
General Contractor
Insulation Specialists on Staff
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Field Quality Managers
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Ability to Do Multiple Projects Around Your Home
The Truth About Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is measured by an “R-value,” which indicates how insulation controls the flow of heat and cold through your home. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) states that by combining proper equipment maintenance and upgrades with recommended insulation, you can cut your energy use for heating and cooling from 20% to 50%.

In the Baltimore area, the DOE recommends R-60 attic insulation; however, building codes only require an R-49. So, while most insulation only needs to be upgraded every 20-30 years, even the insulation in new homes could be under the recommended R-value. Unfortunately, that means many Maryland homeowners are missing out on all the benefits proper insulation provides.

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Get Your Insulation Installed Right. Get in Touch.

Insulating your home keeps your family comfortable and can save you money. Let’s make sure it’s done correctly.

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