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Lead Safety

Brothers Services takes your family’s health seriously. Learn about how we keep homes Lead-Safe during remodeling.

Approximately 75% of all homes built before 1978 were painted with lead-based paints. Lead is a toxic metal which can lead to a range of health effects, especially for children, and has since been regulated by the EPA. Lead safety is an important consideration for homeowners interested in renovating homes built in that era.

Home renovation projects, like replacing windows as well as other kinds of remodeling, can cause lead-contaminated dust to be released during the construction process. This dust can poison both children and adults.

Brothers Services takes lead safety very seriously and as a Lead-Safe Certified company we are committed to ensuring a safe home environment for our customers and tradespeople. Please review the Environmental Protection Agency’s Renovate Right brochure for more lead safety information.

Renovate Right Brochure
Download the Renovate Right EPA brochure.