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Siding Repair

Your siding is your home’s greatest insulator and first defense against the elements. Keep it in good shape with routine repairs.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Higher Curb Appeal
  • A Safer Home
  • Better Temperature Control
Repair Your Siding


Your home’s siding may look firmly attached but it only takes one strong windstorm to leave your home’s framing exposed to the elements. From cracks, dents, and gaps to warping, molding, and mildew buildup, Maryland trusts Brothers Services siding repair contractors to get the job done right.

  • More Than Decoration

    Your siding acts as a system that is strategically installed to act as a shield around your home. If it’s looking shabby, it is likely not protecting your home as it should.

  • Protection from the Elements

    Siding with gaps, cracks, or other defects lets moisture into the walls of your home, causing more damage than you can see from the outside.

  • Temperature Control

    Siding does more than keep water out, it also helps regulate the temperature inside of your home, which directly impacts your energy efficiency and energy bills.

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Have You Seen these Signs of Siding Damage on Your Home?

Not all siding issues are obvious. Watch out for these common causes of siding damage:

Lack of Paint

Some types of siding need to be regularly painted so they both look good and are properly sealed


Moisture exposure can cause pieces of siding to bend and warp


Wind damage is common in our area, both from the wind itself as well as the flying debris it brings


Hail can seriously damage siding during a surprise storm


The appearance of bubbles or swellings that push the siding up


Holes and cracks in the siding that develop over years of expanding and contracting

Missing Flashing

Lack of flashing underneath the siding leads to hidden rot that spreads for years


Mold and mildew growth on the outside or underneath siding

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Why Choose Brothers for Your Siding Repair?

With over 200 master craftsmen on our team, each with their own specialized skills and decades of experience, it’s easy for us to match you with a siding repair expert who understands the nature of your siding material and your home’s architecture. Our experienced tradespeople will quickly restore the beauty, water resistance, and insulation of your home’s exterior without requiring a full replacement.

As your home is one of your greatest investments, we take the responsibility of being your siding repair contractor seriously. Brothers Services lives by the credo: treat every customer like family and every home like our own. It’s how we do business and the customer experience thousands of Maryland families trust each year.

Learning Center

Siding Maintenance Tips from the Pros at Brothers

Not sure how to keep your siding in great shape? We are. Check out our comprehensive resources, so you know what’s best for your home.

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Get Your Siding Repaired Right. Get in Touch.

Siding is the first thing you see when you look at your house. Let’s make sure you can keep loving it for years to come.

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