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Roof Tune-Up

Roofing tune-ups extend the life of your roof and save you thousands of dollars by preventing bigger problems.

  • Protect Your Home
  • Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan
  • Avoid Future Damage
  • Gain Peace of Mind
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Preserve the Life of Your Roof

On average, a new roof costs over $14,000. With a price tag that big, many contractors in Maryland skip the repair recommendation and jump straight to the full replacement sale. What’s more, many roofing contractors are not even equipped to do small repairs, so they will always push for a replacement.

Brothers Services isn’t like other contractors. We do everything we can to preserve existing components of your home and only recommend major projects when it makes the most sense for the safety of your home. That’s why we created our roof tune-up service.

A roof tune-up is routine roof care that can significantly extend the life of your roof and prevent costly damages that could have been affordably prevented. This service addresses several of the most common roofing issues before they become damaging problems. Just like potholes, nail pops create small points of water penetration, which will grow larger over time. We fix these and other issues early to eliminate the expense and worry of a premature replacement.

roof tune-up

What’s Included with Our Roof Tune-Up Package?

Loose flashing, nail pops, and other common roofing issues must be corrected before they grow into larger problems. Our complete Roof Tune-Up Package includes:

resealing exposed nail heads
Resealing exposed nail heads
resealing plumbing vents
Resealing plumbing vents
secure loose flashings
Secure loose flashings (step/apron)
repair nail pops
Repair nail pops and under-driven nails
roof tune-up

Decades of Experience in Roofing Done Right

At Brothers, we focus more on building relationships than on quick sales, so we will never recommend unnecessary repairs or replacements. That’s why more than 90,000 Maryland families have relied on us to keep their homes safe, dry, and comfortable.

  • No-Pressure Consultations

    We reject high-pressure sales tactics and pricing schemes used by other contractors. If all your home needs is a roof tune-up, we won’t try to sell you a new roof.

  • Thorough Inspection

    Most roof repair services only address what’s visible on the surface. At Brothers Services, we go above and beyond, including a thorough examination of the decking beneath your shingles and an attic ventilation and insulation inspection.

  • Experienced Tradespeople

    We employ roofers with decades of experience and the practical knowledge required to properly inspect and repair any part of your roof or attic.

Learning Center

Roof Maintenance Tips from the Pros at Brothers

Not sure if your roof needs a repair or replacement? We can help. Check out our comprehensive resources to learn more about roof maintenance, so you can be confident about what’s best for your home.

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