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Industrial Chic Baltimore Condo Kitchen Remodel

When the McGinnis' purchased their new condo overlooking the Baltimore Harbor waterfront, they were excited about the location, but not about the design in the kitchen and master bathroom. Not only were there builder-grade materials, the style just didn't fit the aesthetic of the condo or the beautiful harbor view out of their huge windows! And most importantly, it certainly didn't match the homeowners' personal style.

When trying to decide who to hire for their remodel, the McGinnis' thought back to a door project Brothers had completed for them. As commercial door experts themselves, they were impressed with the level of detail Brothers had provided on their proposal and the quality of the overall work. With the work Brothers did on their previous home, the McGinnis' were confident that our designers and master tradespeople could take their vision and turn it into a reality. With an industrial-chic aesthetic in mind, the homeowners set out to add unique features as well as practical updates to their kitchen and master bath.


BEFORE: Original Kitchen

before kitchen remodel

Project Hurdles

  • Coordination and building restrictions
    Remodeling in a condo building comes with its own additional set up complications, from work hour restrictions to material deliveries and parking. The homeowners needed a solution that would make the project effortless.

  • Dark cabinets
    The kitchen came with basic cabinetry that stopped below the ceiling in a dark finish that made the open concept kitchen feel dark. 

  • Minimal storage
    With a condo, space is limited, and the homeowners wanted to maximize as much of their kitchen storage as possible.

  • Uneven, cold flooring
    The original floor was a beige/brown tile that was showing signs of distress and was uneven in several areas. Additionally, the tile flooring was very cold and hard to walk on.

  • Outdated countertop and backsplash
    The original backsplash and countertops were beige and boring. The homeowners wanted to add more of a wow factor.

  • Dull lighting
    The lighting that came with the house was traditional with fabric shades, which can be very impractical in an area where smells and stains can get trapped in cloth.

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AFTER: Remodeled Kitchen

after kitchen remodel


  • Project Coordinators
    With all the complications remodeling a condo can bring, Brothers' Project Coordinators were able to manage the more complex and stressful pieces. From dealing with HOA requirements to coordinating deliveries with lobby staff, and even respecting work hour restrictions to avoid negatively affecting neighbors, everything went to plan. Due to the project team's diligent coordination, the project was completed on time and within budget.

  • New cabinets and maximized storage
    The McGinnis' wanted more storage. So, our designers chose cabinets that reached all the way to the ceiling. They also installed specialty cabinets to create a pantry and installed custom inserts like pull out drawers and a spice rack. In addition to the kitchen cabinetry, they turned an unused space next to the kitchen into a butler's pantry and entertaining nook for wine and glass storage.

  • Upgraded flooring
    The old flooring was a tile that wasn't hard waring, and also didn't match the aesthetic of the final remodel. So the McGinnis' chose to refloor the entire kitchen, dining, and sitting areas in a luxury vinyl tile. This new flooring is warmer to the touch, looks like natural wood, and is hard waring enough for their two pets. 

  • Seamless backsplash and countertops
    The most stunning addition to the kitchen is the dark blue quartz countertop and backsplash that accents the kitchen window. The seamless transition from counter to ceiling makes the space look larger but also mimics the water in the harbor creating a real wow factor in the open concept kitchen. 

  • Unique features
    The original lighting was outdated and impractical. The McGinnis' chose streamlined black metal pendant lights with an industrial feel that ties together the modern aesthetic with the water influences.

condo after kitchen remodel

Kitchen: Get the Look

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