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Bright Modern Annapolis Kitchen Remodel

The Patanella's kitchen was outdated and dark, and it didn't match the rest of their beautifully designed Annapolis home. While the space had existing skylights, the layout did not allow the natural light to spread throughout the kitchen. Additionally, the closed-off kitchen did not have a view of the recently landscaped outdoor space. When she decided to remodel, Aimee Patanella knew she wanted something modern and bright, but she didn't know where to start.


When it came time to choose a remodeling company for the job, Aimee's sister-in-law recommended Brothers. She recently remodeled her kitchen with Brothers and was so happy with the final product that she wanted to share the great work with friends and family. After meeting with a Brothers kitchen consultant, Aimee was excited to make selections in the showroom and start creating her dream kitchen. 



BEFORE: Original Kitchen

Kitchen remodel before

Project Hurdles

  • Cramped Floor Plan
    The kitchen and dining area's footprint was large, but the positioning of the walls and cabinets made the space feel cramped and closed off.

  • Dark Space
    Even though the house had skylights, the kitchen layout didn't allow the light to spread throughout the space.

  • Outdated Cabinetry
    While it was of good quality, the dark oak cabinetry felt dated and only added to the dark feeling in the space.

  • No View of the Backyard
    The Patanella's back yard is beautifully landscaped, but they couldn't see it from the kitchen with small windows and cabinets in the way.

  • Non-Functional Space
    Aimee homeschools her children, and the old space didn't have a place to spread work out. Plus, there was no room in the kitchen for Aimee to work on her computer.

  • Existing Flooring
    The flooring throughout the rest of the house was a natural hardwood, which couldn't simply be ordered to match.

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AFTER: Remodeled Kitchen

Kitchen remodel after


  • New Floor Plan
    Brothers' designers created an entirely new floor plan, relocating the appliances along the wall with a functional island and opening up space for a large dining area.

  • Prioritize Appliance Installation
    Aimee wanted her kitchen to be functional in time for Christmas. So, Brothers' project manager prioritized the appliance installation to ensure that she could cook Christmas dinner in her new kitchen.

  • Accent Island
    To gain more counter space while keeping the floorplan light, the homeowner chose a unique slab island addition. She can also work in this multifunctional space while looking out the windows at the back yard.

  • Custom Cabinetry
    In addition to the concealed adjustable hinge cabinets, the new floorplan also required custom fit shelving on either side of the layout.

  • Bifold Patio Doors
    The star of the new kitchen, these patio doors let in light, provide a beautiful view of the back yard, and open in an accordion style to enable easy deck access. 

  • Task Lighting
    For better light in everyday situations, Brothers installed LED strip lighting with a dimmer applied under the wall cabinetry and base cabinetry.

  • Match Flooring
    Brothers matched the new hardwood to the existing hardwood finding the right wood, stain, and finish for an even transition. Brothers' master tradespeople laid wide board from left to right to allow new flooring to be laid without affecting the existing hardwood.

  • Convenient Innovations
    Aimee wanted her kitchen to be convenient above all else, so Brothers' designers included smart innovations such as outlets in the countertop and under cabinets.

Annapolis kitchen remodel after photo

Kitchen: Get the Look

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