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Hotel Inspired Master Bathroom Remodel

Kiana Lawyer purchased her 1959 ranch style home in original condition, intending to make it her own by remodeling, repairing, and decorating each room with her unique style. With a knack for design and construction experience building homes with Habitat for Humanity, she was confident she could turn her house into her dream home.

While she could handle the interior design and smaller repairs on her own, Kiana knew that she needed to find the right remodeler to take on her vision for a completely remodeled hotel chic master bath. Armed with research on pricing and inspiration from Houzz and Pinterest, she began consulting contractors. While she narrowed down the list, learning more about her project as she went, Kiana decided to hire Brothers for the job based on trust.

She says, "other contractors agreed to do whatever I wanted, as long as I could pay. I quickly realized they were willing to do things that wouldn't be safe or wouldn't last long". Kiana was impressed by Brothers' bathroom remodeling consultants at every step. She recounts, "At one point, I had four Brothers employees checking out my house and figuring out what needed to be done to build the bathroom I wanted, keeping it up to code."

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BEFORE: Original 


Project Hurdles

  • Small Bathrooms
    The original bathrooms were a "his and hers" concept with a tiny bathroom attached to the master bedroom and a slightly bigger hall bath with a tub.
  • Electrical Code
    The original bathroom was from 1959 and so was the wiring. The new design had many lighting features and electrical switches, but being in a bathroom, they could not be near the shower or tub.
  • Too Open Concept
    The bathroom is open to the master bedroom, which meant we had to define space for both rooms while keeping it feeling open and not overcrowded.
  • No Space for Medicine Cabinet
    Kiana sourced beautiful pendant lights to go over the vanity, but their placement would not allow for a traditional medicine cabinet.

  • Ventilation
    The original exhaust fan would not ventilate the space correctly.

  • Shower Surround
    Kiana wanted an all-glass surround in the shower, but this posed an issue in staying up to code and keeping the water inside.


  • Combining the Floor Plans
    To create this expansive bathroom, Brothers opened the master bathroom into the bedroom.
  • Smart Home Devices
    Brothers installed a smart home enabled Moen shower system so the shower can be turned on and off with voice controls from anywhere in the bathroom.
  • Door Hinges
    Brothers designers suggested changing the door's swing to hinge outwards to allow the homeowner to walk in and to the left, creating more space in the bedroom.
  • Specialty Cabinet
    Brothers installed a Robern uplift mirror cabinet with lighting inside and sub outlets to free up counter space and leave room for the pendant lighting.
  • New Vent Fan
    The on-site project manager identified the issue before installation and found a fan that would ventilate the area properly and be very quiet.
  • Half Wall with Glass Door
    The shower would not be up to code if it were all glass, so Brothers designed the smallest possible wall to make the shower work without compromising style.

AFTER: Remodeled Bathroom


This master bathroom's unique design held a few firsts for Brothers, including recessed lighting in the tile floor, a completely open concept design, and even glitter paint! Kiana says she had a lot of fun with the project, sourcing décor for an aesthetic based on her trip to Bali, talking regularly with the project manager about progress on her bathroom, and even learning some new handyman skills from him.

Looking back on the experience, Kiana says, "The Brothers team was really clean and respectful during the project. I had a great experience, which was a nice change of pace. I was nervous about choosing a contractor because you feel like you never know what you're going to get. But I was comfortable the whole time. I'm already planning my next project to work on with Brothers – a complete kitchen remodel!"

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Pikesville Bathroom Remodel
Pikesville Bathroom Remodel
Pikesville Bathroom Remodel
Pikesville Bathroom Remodel
Pikesville Bathroom Remodel
Pikesville Bathroom Remodel
Pikesville Bathroom Remodel
Pikesville Bathroom Remodel
Pikesville Bathroom Remodel
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