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10 Creative Ideas to Repurpose Stones from Your Remodeling Project

If you’ve recently remodeled something around your home that involves brick or stone, you’ll likely have some leftover materials – either due to the quantities ordered or old stone that was removed from your home.

Much of the time, old building materials are not the best fit for reuse in new construction, like siding, fireplaces, or walls, because they have already had years of stress put on them. And if you have leftover new stone, it seems like a waste to throw away any extra.

Luckily, stone and brick are excellent pieces to repurpose for more aesthetic projects! They look beautiful and can last a long time through the outdoor elements. Reusing them keeps them out of the landfill, turning them into pieces you will love for years to come!

1. Decorative garden walkway

One of the easiest projects to undertake with leftover stones is creating a pathway through the garden or yard. Depending on the type of stones or brick you have, you can create a structured walkway or simply lay down a rustic stone path.

2. Flowerbed Edging

Up your gardening game with structured flowerbed edging. If you have stones or bricks of the same size, you can take the time to dig into the ground and lay the pieces tightly together. If you have mismatched stones, you can simply place them around the outside of flowerbeds for a more natural look.

fire-pit3. Firepit

A great way to use bricks or curved stones is by turning them into a circular outdoor firepit. If your stones don’t fit tightly together, you can place them around a metal fire pit ring. This project does require some preparation for safety, though. Ensure you have chosen a spot far away from your house and any surrounding trees, and make sure you dig out a base if your pit is going over grass.


4. Water Feature

From a small fountain to an entire waterfall, incorporating leftover stones into a water feature can be a great way to give them a new purpose. For more complex projects, you’ll likely need the help of a landscaper, but if you already have the stones, you’ll cut down on materials costs.

riverbed5. Rock “Riverbed”

If you find yourself with buckets of small rocks left over, consider making a rock riverbed in your garden. Pebble rivers don’t just look great; they help with water drainage in your flowerbed.

6. Seating

Create a relaxing outdoor space to rest with leftover materials. There are many opportunities to create unique seating in your garden or by a fire pit, from rustic rock stools to more structured brick benches.

7. Grill Base

Keeping the grill away from your home is an important safety measure, but you also don’t want to place it over grass. Create a pad underneath your outdoor grill, so it is level and safely away from anything that could melt or catch fire.

8. Mailbox Surround

Create a raised planter around your mailbox by placing bricks or stones and filling the interior with soil, plants, and mulch.

planter9. Planters

If you have bricks with holes in the center, get some potters soil and succulents or ivy. Take it up a notchy by turning them sideways and stacking them to create a live wall of mini planters. You can also create a raised planter by stacking bricks in a rectangle and planting flowers in the center.

10. Art Project

If you only have a few leftover bricks, turn them into a fun family project for your garden. Have kids paint the bricks or stones and place them among the flowers for a playful decoration. For a more adult version of this project, paint the names of the plants in your garden on bricks for DIY plant identifiers.

Do you want to do these projects but don’t have any leftover stone? No problem! Many resale and overstock stores, such as the Habitat for Humanity Restore, are great places to get steeply discounted stone materials for the DIY projects above. Plus, you’ll still be helping to keep those materials out of a landfill. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on these projects today!