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10 Indoor Projects You Can Do Today

Spring cleaning is about more than just organizing and washing, it is a way to bring the feeling of fresh air and warm weather into your home. While many of us are stuck inside this spring, there are so many things we can do around the house to create a sunny atmosphere. 

1. Change Your Cabinet Hardware

Whether it’s a dresser in your bedroom or your kitchen cabinetry, changing out the hardware can make a big difference in the design of your room. You can pick out your new hardware online and have it shipped to your home within a few days. If the handles or pulls are the same size as your current hardware, all you need to do is unscrew the old drawer pulls and screw in the new ones. If you need to make new holes and patch old ones, this is a more in-depth project, but it is worth taking the time as the outcome is a refreshed looking kitchen or piece of furniture.

accent wall2. Create an Accent Wall

Adding an accent wall is a great way to liven up a room and bring in a sunny splash of color. With removable peel and stick wallpaper that you can order online, it’s easier than ever to create a custom look. You can choose from classic patterns to modern geometrics and even quirky plants and animals. And why stop at the wall, these wallpapers look great inside closets, on bedside tables, or even on stair risers. 

3. Seal Window Air Leaks

Your home has an air leak when outside air enters through small cracks or openings in the windows, allowing warm air in during the spring and summer months. Detecting and sealing an air leak not only makes your home’s temperature more comfortable, but it can also save you in electrical bills. And, it’s something you can do yourself with just a few tools. However, patching an air leak is a temporary solution. Once your window is no longer energy-efficient, you should consider replacement.

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4. Swap Your Bedding

A simple change of bedding can make a big difference in your room décor. If you don’t already have a winter and summer bedding set, consider purchasing a new quilt or duvet cover from an online store. A springtime floral pattern or brighter hue than your usual bedding will make your whole room feel more inviting in the spring and summer. 

pillow covers5. Re-Cover Throw Pillows

Changing out throw pillow covers for brighter colors and fun patterns is an easy and inexpensive way to update any room. You can purchase new pillow covers, but they are also very easy to DIY. If you don’t have a sewing machine, and don’t want to hand sew, there are plenty of no-sew throw pillow tutorials as well.

6. Build a Window Herb Garden

Bring the outdoors inside and grow fresh herbs you can actually use in your kitchen, ready in time for summer entrees. Many companies sell herb garden kits that come with everything you need to get started. Once your herbs begin to grow, you can harvest them frequently as most herbs benefit from regular pruning.

propagate plants7. Propagate Plants

Do you already have an indoor plant collection? Many plants such as pothos and philodendrons can be easily propagated in water. Simply cut at the bottom of the stem, directly beneath the small brown root nodes. Place the cuttings in a mason jar with tap water and replace the water every few days. Within weeks, you will have a plant with roots and inch long or even longer, then you can either keep growing the plant in the glass or plant it in a pot with soil.

8. De-Clutter Your Closet

Spring is the perfect time to declutter your closet, and you could even make some extra cash with online secondhand shops. Go through your closet and pull out any clothes that you have not worn in the past year. You can either sell your clothes yourself on apps like Poshmark, or send in all of your clothes to an online consignment store like Thredup, who will even provide the bag to ship them in. Not interested in selling your items? Make a donation to a local, non-profit. Several offer pick-up services so you don’t even have to leave the house!

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9. Order and Hang New Photo Prints

With online photo ordering sites, it’s easier than ever to get prints mailed directly to you. Taking the time to go through the photos you have taken over the past year lets you relive the memories. And, getting new prints to swap out in the frames around your home will automatically give rooms a fresh feeling. You can even order the photos in frames, canvas or even metal for something unique to hang on the walls.

front door10. Upgrade Your Front Door 

Springtime calls for flowers! Add a new wreath or plant new flowering plants by the front door, both of which can be ordered online. Go a step further and update your front door with a fresh coat of paint in a fun color, a novelty knocker, or new hardware. And if you have someone in your home who frequently forgets their keys, now is a great time to install a smart lock system with a numerical code.

During your spring cleaning, organizing, and DIY projects, you may notice some things around the house that require a professional to install or fix. For example, if you see rotting window sills, kitchen cabinets that are falling apart, or a leak from your roof dripping into the drywall, contact the full-service remodeling experts at Brothers. Our consultants will provide a free, no pressure consultation to find the best options for your home.


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