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Outdoor Living: 10 Ways to Customize Your Dream Deck

We all wish our homes could be a little bit bigger at times. A deck is an inexpensive and easy way to extend your outdoor living space without committing to or investing in an addition. And with awnings and full-screen enclosures, it is a place you can enjoy three seasons out of the year! Find out how to create the deck of your dreams this summer.

outdoor kitchen1. Built-in Grilling and Prep Space

There is no better way to truly experience outdoor living than to create a “kitchen” space. We all look forward to dinners from the barbecue in the summer, and with a built-in grill and prep space, you can do all of the work outside. That way, you can enjoy the moment rather than running back and forth from the kitchen to the grill while you’re cooking.

2. Privacy Screen

Your outdoor living space can still feel as private as indoors when you include a privacy screen to block the neighbors’ view. Consider options like built-in lattices, plant walls, or decorative composite fence panels cut precisely for your space. Choose a material that blends in with the aesthetic of your home, for example, bamboo, metal, reclaimed wood boards, outdoor treated curtains, or an ivy-covered lattice.

3. The Right Awning

Having the right awning for your space expands the ways you can use your deck, providing cover during light rains and shade in the hot summer months. Consider a retractable awning if you only want shade during certain parts of the day or year. Otherwise, a fixed awning can look more like a part of your home, blending into the aesthetic of the siding and roof. With a fixed awning, you can even add lighting and ceiling fans to make your space work for all seasons.

4. Custom Lighting

From inexpensive updates to completely custom, there are many options for outdoor lighting that can upgrade your space. Consider adding in-floor lighting around steps, post cap lights, a pendant light hanging from a pergola, or even strategically placed lanterns for ambient light. If your deck is technically a balcony, you can even add recessed lights or fans with lighting to keep the air flowing during the hotter months.

5. Full-Screen Enclosure

Enjoy the outdoors without annoying bugs bothering you, especially when you are eating. Screens can also help block out bad weather so you can get more use out of your deck. Screens allow excellent visibility, so you can still enjoy the scenery and breeze while being protected from the elements.

built-in bench6. Built-in Tables and Benches

If you know you’ll be using your deck for family dinners or entertaining regularly, incorporate a bench and table into your design. It can save space, but also give the deck a more luxe and customized look. Consider adding a bench and railing combo that adds back support, a bench with built-in storage, or even whimsical options like a hanging hammock or swinging seat.

9. Patio Space Below

Your deck creates the perfect shade cover for a patio. Get double the area when you turn the space below your deck into a shady oasis. Add outdoor furniture such as couches, planters, and privacy screens as an inexpensive way to create a whole new space to enjoy.

10. Built-in Garden

Whether you want plants for aesthetics, or want to grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables, a built-in container garden can give your deck another purpose. Add planters along railings or suspend flower pots from awnings for aesthetics. Or, create a container garden with pots or pre-designed vertical gardens that save space and make growing garden staples a breeze.

If you are ready to have a deck installed, or your old one needs to be updated, the home remodeling experts at Brothers are ready to help. Our master carpenters have decades of experience building outdoor spaces. Schedule a consultation with one of our exteriors consultants today.


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