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10 Ways to Make Your Deck More Private

For many people the back yard is a sanctuary. But the noise from the street or being in full view of next-door neighbors can make it a less than ideal getaway. Check out these DIY hacks to make your deck more private. Most of them can be done in a day!

1. Permanent Wall

A wood-paneled wall is the best way to block sound and make your space completely private. And with lightweight options like bamboo, a wall is easier to install than you might think.

privacy screen2. Privacy Screen

If the permanent structure of a wall doesn’t work for your deck, or you want to allow in more light, consider a privacy screen. These screens are lighter physically, and they are less bulky visually and come in materials like wood, vinyl, and metal. Plus, you can choose one that still lets in light through small openings or panels with intricate designs that fit your aesthetic. You can even DIY your own out of materials like Bamboo.

3. Lattice with Ivy

Lattice is another easy and lightweight way to create privacy in your backyard. But it will still allow for a partial view, so adding ivy is both aesthetically pleasing and can block more of your deck from neighbors. You will have to wait for the vine to grow, but it only takes a few months to grow up lattice.

boxwood hedge

4. Hedges

Homeowners often use hedges and trees to line their yards, but box hedges can also be used on the deck to create a living wall. Plus, you can choose planter box options that fit the same style as your deck furniture.

5. Faux Shrubs

Sometimes real hedges aren’t a possibility in your climate, or you might just not feel like caring for live shrubs. Faux hedges make a great alternative. They can be purchased in many different sizes, so they are versatile enough for any space. You can create a natural look with box-shaped designs or buy a sheet that you can attach to a lattice wall for added privacy.

6. Outdoor Curtains

With a flowy and natural aesthetic, sturdy outdoor fabrics can also create a private enclosure. Use outdoor curtains to block the view of the space under your deck. Or, put up poles and a rod on one side of your deck.

7. Canopy

canopy sail can be a great way to block both the sun and the view from your neighbors’ second-story windows. These versatile sails are easy to use with poles or a pagoda structure.

8. Pop-up Gazebo

You’ve probably seen this portable cover at the beach or picnics in the park, but pop up gazebos can also be a quick way to get some privacy in minutes. They can also protect you from both the sun and rain. If you’re looking for a more permanent structure, you can also purchase a wood gazebo that only takes a weekend to assemble.

retractable awning9. Retractable Shade

Maybe you don’t need an obstruction all the time, but you do want to block out the sun or have privacy when neighbors are out in the yard next door. A horizontal retractable shade can be pulled across the side of your deck, attaching to a wall or floor-mounted post. With hundreds of fabric and color options, these shades can work with any home style.

10. Water Feature 

If you live near a busy road, the constant sounds of traffic can be frustrating. Or if your deck is close to the neighbors, it’s tough to have a private conversation. Block out some of this noise pollution and create a more private escape with a water feature. Stand-alone water features are less costly than you might expect, with prices ranging down to the low hundreds.

Whichever way you choose to make your back yard an oasis this summer, we hope that you are staying safe at home. If you would like to expand your outdoor space with a deck or even an enclosed sunroom, contact the Brothers home additions experts. We will analyze your space in a contactless appointment and come up with a solution that best fits your unique home and needs.


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