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What’s In and What’s Out? Top 2020 Kitchen Trends

Natural Wood Finish vs. Solid Color

There is nothing wrong with white or grey painted cabinetry; in fact, white and grey tones are airy, minimalist, and feel inherently clean. But that minimalist design doesn’t show off as much of the homeowner’s personality.

In the coming years, many designers are moving back towards stained wood tones that add texture to the kitchen. Consider maple, cherry, or oak finishes to bring warmth into your home. For an even bolder statement, there are options in unique colors like blues and greens.

Natural wood finish cabinets

Marbled Quartz vs. Natural Stone

Marble and granite have elegant appeal that has been popular throughout history, not just the previous decade. Still, for the modern kitchen, natural stone can be more hassle than it’s worth. Marble is a porous material, meaning stains from oil and wine will seep into it, so it must be professionally sealed and resealed over time. It is also soft, so nicks from knives and even belts when leaning against the counter are common. Granite also needs to be sealed, but it is a DIY project.

To get a polished look in 2020 without the hassle, many homeowners are now choosing quartz with a marble look. Quartz is an engineered stone that has excellent durability and won’t chip or crack as easily as natural stone. Unlike marble, it is non-porous, so it resists stains and won’t harbor bacteria. With a wide range of patterns, including realistic marble looks, quartz is the modern alternative to marble.

Marbled quartz

Bold Backsplash vs. White Subway Tile

We started to see more bold backsplashes in 2019 with design accents like sparkles, or even taking a quartz countertop up the entire wall for a slab backsplash effect. In 2020 we expect to see more intricate backsplashes that run from countertop to the ceiling, especially behind vent hoods or over the sink.

But is white subway tile really going out of fashion? We don’t think so. With its affordability and classic clean look, subway tile will still be used widely. However, it can be updated by pairing with more outstanding design touches. For example, some homeowners opt to use subway tiles in a herringbone pattern or run it from countertop to ceiling with a more intricate backsplash behind the stove.

Bold backsplash

Custom Cabinets vs. Basic Builder Grade

Even in a brand-new kitchen, finding storage space can be tricky. Modern carpentry practices are making custom cabinetry more and more affordable, and homeowners are incorporating these new ideas into their kitchen remodels. From slide-out drawers in cupboards to spice rack pull-outs, to deep drawers for pots and pans, these custom cabinets offer many conveniences. With so many options at increasingly affordable price points, this practical design trend is here to stay.

Custom cabinets

Pops of Color vs. Whitewashed

As mentioned above, homeowners are leaving the all-white kitchen behind in the last decade. Many people are choosing bold hues to show personality and bring either a bright pop of color or calming darker shade to their kitchens. When paired with a neutral floor or countertop, these unique colors can really shine. 

It is no surprise that Pantone’s color of the year, classic blue, is an increasingly popular choice for cabinets. If you’re not ready to take the plunge into a full kitchen of color, consider accenting an island with cabinets that stand out. Or, for a more temporary and cost-effective upgrade, you can install a colorful backsplash or simply paint an accent wall.

Pop of color

While design trends are a helpful place to get inspiration, they shouldn’t guide all of the decisions about your kitchen renovation. After all, you are the one who will be using and enjoying this space every day. Thinking about your design aesthetic and considering what you will love for years to come is the most important part of the design process. 

Not sure where to start in designing your kitchen remodel? Brothers professional, in-house designers can take your ideas and inspiration to make your dream kitchen a reality. Schedule a free consultation to get started today.