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5 Amazing Before and After Bathroom Remodels

It can be tough to look at an outdated bathroom and envision what that space could be. Moreover, inspiration from magazines and Pinterest can feel unattainable. But with the help of experienced designers and remodeling experts, you can plan and create your dream space, just like the homeowners below.

Check out these five fantastic bathroom remodels from the Brothers team:

Light & Bright Backsplash

light and bright backsplash

This master bathroom was outdated with tile flooring, dark countertops and wallpaper. The wallpaper on the upper portion of the wall was making the ceilings feel low. Even though there were large mirrors and a window with natural light, the countertops and flooring made this space feel dark.

The updated bathroom uses lighter tones of grey and white, with an all-glass shower enclosure that allows for much more light to bounce around the bathroom. The statement backsplash, unique mirrors, and hardwood floors add the homeowners’ personal touches.

Get the look:


Traditional Master Bath

traditional master bathroom

This master bathroom had a large footprint but did not utilize the space efficiently, making it feel cramped. The outdated, small tiles and built-in tub amplified the small feeling. These elements did not allow for a good layout, leaving the toilet standing alone against the wall.

The updated bathroom has a traditional aesthetic, but with a modern floor plan that doesn’t leave any elements floating. The stand-alone tub keeps the bath feature but takes up much less space. The updated full glass shower surround allows for natural light from the large windows to spread throughout the space, making it feel much more open.

Get the look:


Hotel Chic Update


The dividing wall between the shower space and the rest of the bathroom blocked light and made the floor plan feel small. It also only allowed for a small walk-in shower. And while the vanity had a great placement and was good quality, it did not match the homeowner’s aesthetic.

By taking out the wall and replacing the entire shower area with a tiled wet room, the updated bathroom feels much more open, and the shower footprint is tripled. The modern whites and greys give the bathroom a hotel chic aesthetic. And the new hardware and mirror complete the contemporary feel.

Get the look:


Modern Aesthetic

modern aesthetic

The old bathroom had lots of space to work with, but it wasn’t being utilized to its full potential. While there was plenty of counter space, the built-in tub made the footprint feel cramped. And the all-white tile, cabinets, and countertop did not have much of a style.

The updated bathroom swaps the tub for a full wet room shower with a bench and multiple faucet heads. The modern grey cabinets and beautiful granite countertops update the space with more personality. Plus, the cabinets come with custom storage for towels and other bathroom essentials.

Get the look:


Expanded Footprint

expanded footprint

The old bathroom only served utility with a small layout and built-in bath and shower combination. There was barely even room to open the door without hitting the toilet.

In this significant transformation, the bathroom footprint was pushed out to allow for this huge wet room with a shower and a built-in tub. The natural tones are present throughout the flooring and pebble effect in the shower pan.

Get the look:

Looking for more detail on a before and after bathroom remodel? Check out how Brothers transformed the McGinnis’ builder grade bath into an industrial chic space. Or, take a look at what went into this award-winning double bathroom remodel.

If you’re ready to transform your outdated bathroom into the beautiful and tranquil space you deserve, schedule a consultation today. The bathroom consultants and professional designers at Brothers are here to help turn your vision into a reality.


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