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5 Family-Friendly Kitchen Updates

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. It’s the place where everyone gathers, and this is especially true when you have kids. When you’re redesigning the kitchen, it’s important to think about how your family will use the space. From family dinners to snack time, craft projects to homework, how will it work best for your family now and in the future. We have pulled together our favorite family-friendly kitchen updates that are great to consider when you have young kids in your home.

Kitchen with multiple counter heights

1. Various Countertop Heights

Not only is a built-in table sleek and space-saving, but this multiuse countertop also gives kids a surface that they can reach. Whether they are eating dinner, making their own snacks, or doing homework while staying in your line of sight, a lower countertop height can fit well into your kitchen design. Plus, it makes serving dinner to the whole family a breeze.

2. Built-in Command Center

Juggling kids’ schedules is a constant task. So, having a space to keep up with everything in a heavily frequented room like the kitchen is a great idea. A built-in desk also creates the perfect spot for kids to do their homework while you are working on dinner. Your designer can help you create a built-in desk that matches seamlessly with the countertop. And you can customize the space to fit a computer monitor, hold file storage, a calendar, and have drawers for pens and pencils.

soft close cabinet3. Soft-Close and Hinge Cabinet Doors

During modern kitchen remodels, many homeowners choose to upgrade to soft close drawers. These can be especially helpful in households with kids. With soft-close drawers, there is a much lower risk of little fingers getting stuck in the closing drawer. Plus, it isn’t possible to slam these drawers closed, avoiding noise and potential damage.

4. Customized Pantry Storage

With custom organization, your pantry can stay tidy, and everyone in the family will know where things are located. Lower pull-out drawers are especially helpful for younger kids just learning how to make their own snacks. And – perhaps more importantly – you can avoid the kids asking you for something to eat every five minutes. Plus, with higher shelves, you can keep junk food or potentially dangerous items out of kids’ reach.

rounded countertops5. Rounded Countertop Edges

As kids grow up, they will inevitably be head level with the countertop for a few years. Rounded countertop edges can help lower the number of accidents. Countertops can be rounded in two types of ways, at the corners and on the edges. Rounded corners are great because you won’t catch yourself, bumping into the corner, when you round it quickly.

Are you thinking about redesigning your kitchen, but don’t know where to start? Brothers kitchen design specialists can guide you through the layout design and selection process with ideas and suggestions for your unique home and lifestyle. Schedule a consultation today to get started!