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5 Hidden Remodeling Costs You Should Know Up Front

When you have a home remodeling project, your budget is usually top of mind. It’s a good idea to get a few quotes on your project, but it’s not always smart to go with the lowest bid. Unfortunately, there are some contractors out there who will offer an amazing deal upfront, only to reveal hidden costs during the project. Learn about five common hidden costs that you should ask your home remodeler about before signing a contract.

1. Obtaining Permits

Whenever you are remodeling your home, you will need to obtain a permit. Depending on the project, permits could cost anywhere from the low hundreds to a few thousand dollars. Some remodelers will leave the entire process up to the homeowner. But a good contractor will include the price of permits in the initial scope of work and will take care of obtaining those permits for you.

2. Debris Disposal

Depending on your project, disposing of old materials could be very expensive. Usually, your city or county regulates the type of waste that can be picked up at the curbside. So, project debris needs to be hauled away. An honest remodeler will include this in the scope of work before the project ever begins. But be sure to check as some contractors will add this line item in during the project, or even leave you to clean up the mess.

3. Fixing Water or Pest Damage

An experienced home remodeler will complete a thorough inspection before providing you with a scope of work. They will know the signs to look out for and will inform you of any water or pest damage found upfront. That’s not to say that hidden issues never come up. Unfortunately, water and pest damage can be something that adds to a project cost, regardless of how experienced your contractor is. It’s a good idea to reserve 20% of your project budget, so you are not blindsided by this type of issue.

4. Code Updates

Regardless of when your home was built, if work is being done, it is subject to current code requirements. Usually, this has to do with electrical wiring. But it also includes things like smoke detector laws. Your remodeler should be familiar with the current code requirements in your area. But it’s also a good idea to take a look for yourself. Some contractors may leave the work that needs to be done to bring your home up to code out of the original scope of work to give you the lowest possible quote, only to add in this charge during the project.

5. Low-Quality Products

If you get multiple quotes for a project, there will probably be an outlier offering the service for lower than average. While this might seem like a great deal, the way that the contractor can offer that low price and still come away with some profit is by using the lowest quality products available. That means both that the product will fail faster, and in many cases, such as with one size fits all windows, the product does not work as well, and you will lose money in other ways such as energy efficiency.

Even with the most experienced remodelers, things can still go wrong. So, it’s important to set aside about 20% of your budget for unexpected costs. But asking about the items above will make you a more informed homeowner when it’s time to remodel. And any reputable remodeler will be happy to answer them. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you’re ready to start your home remodeling project, schedule a consultation with the experts at Brothers. Our remodeling specialists have industry-specific experience and a large pool of in-house resources to assist in anticipating the unexpected and solving any issues in your remodel. They will do a thorough inspection of your home and give you a comprehensive scope of work. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect.