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5 Ways to Build A New Home Office

Many of us have found that working from home is the new normal. And not only that, back to school has gone virtual in many parts of Maryland. That means you – and your family – need space to get work done.

Maybe you have been working from the kitchen table or making do with a desk set up in the family room. But you have probably realized that your productivity is suffering from not having a designated office space.

Whether you’re working from home for the foreseeable future, or you just need a better command center in your home, it is a great time to create or transform a new space.

1. Upgrade the Dining Room

Many single-family homes have a dining room attached to the kitchen. But how often does your family actually use this room for meals? Much of the time, we find ourselves eating at a kitchen island or a more casual table in the kitchen. In that case, the dining room would serve a much better purpose as a home office. If the space is open to the kitchen or another area of the house, consider installing doors. You also may need to rewire for internet hookups and more outlets for electronics.

sunroom office2. Convert A Three or Four Seasons Room

Even though they are covered from the elements, we often only think of using a three seasons room in the summer months. However, the winters in Maryland are relatively mild, and it’s possible to use a portable heater to make the space more comfortable year-round. However, if your room is not well insulated, consider making an upgrade from a covered deck or three-season room to a four-season room. The difference is these year-round rooms have better insulation in the walls and roof, as well as double-pane windows that keep out cold air. They can even be set up with their own temperature control system.

3. Convert the Guest Room

There is one more space you may be overlooking in your home, the extra bedroom. And let’s be honest, many of us aren’t having as many out of town guests as we used to. A home office could be a much better use of this space. You may need to have some rewiring done to optimize the room for your electronics. You could also consider replacing a bed with a stylish futon couch that compliments both the office space and is ready for any guests that you may host.

basement office4. Finish the Basement

Your unfinished basement may feel unwelcoming now, but envision it insulated and complete with drywall, carpeting, and better lighting. The basement could be the perfect place to set up your new home office. If you only need a small space, consider partially finishing the basement. Alternatively, finish the entire space, breaking it up into multiple rooms. That way, you can create both a home office and a space for the kids to play or do virtual learning while still within earshot. Similar to an addition, this project can have a great return on investment, with up to 70% of the project recouped in home value.

5. Build an Addition

Building an addition is perhaps the most obvious way to create more space. However, it could have more advantages than merely adding a new room. Depending on the size and location of your addition, you could recoup over 50% of the project cost in home value. Many Brothers customers have chosen to build additions to create a larger floor plan as a more cost-effective option than moving. Consider building a new owner’s suite addition and converting the old bedroom into your new home office.

If you want to create a new space with an addition or finished basement, or even have a small or standalone project like rewiring a guest bedroom, the experts at Brothers are ready to help! Our remodeling consultants can guide you in taking your vision from an idea into reality. Schedule a consultation to get started today!