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Bathroom Renovation: When to DIY and When to Call the Pros

Spring is a great time to refresh your home and it can feel great to update a space that you use every day like the bathroom! There are plenty of small updates you can do on your own that will make your space feel new and more comfortable. But when renovations become more complex, or problems in plumbing and electrical arise, it’s time to call a home remodeling specialist.

DIY Bathroom Updates:

Replacing the Shower Head

Purchasing and installing a new shower head is a simple and cost-effective way to your shower feel more luxurious. Simply use a wrench to unscrew your current shower head counterclockwise, place a layer of plumber’s tape around the grooves to prevent any leaks in the future, then screw on your new shower head and tighten it with a wrench.

Hanging a Cabinet

Adding a wall cabinet either above the sink or toilet is a great way to increase your bathroom storage space. Taking your time to measure, center, and level the cabinet correctly is perhaps the hardest part of the project and will take the most amount of time. Use a stud finder that can also detect metal wiring and pipes to make sure there is nothing in the way, then drill holes. Use the appropriate wall plugs for your wall material, then hang the cabinet by screwing it to the wall. Make sure to follow weight restrictions based on your wall plugs and the cabinet manufacturer.

caulk tubRe-Caulking the Tub or Shower

If your current caulking is moldy or cracking, resealing it will not only freshen up the bathroom, but it will also protect your tile and tub or shower basin from moisture and leaks. Simply apply caulk remover according to the directions, use a plastic caulk remover tool or putty knife to scrape off old caulk, deep clean the area with a bleach mixture, and once it is dry re-caulk following the directions on the bottle. 

Updating Hardware

A quick and easy way to refresh bathroom cabinets is through new hardware. If you choose drawer pulls or knobs that are the same size as your current ones, all you need to do is screw in the new hardware. If hardware is a different size, you will need to putty the old holes and drill new ones.

Replacing the Faucet

If you are updating your hardware, replacing the faucet with a matching one is another great way to upgrade your space with a low price tag. Make sure the faucet will fit your sink, understanding that it has to match the number of holes (one, two, or three). You may also need to replace the drain to match your new faucet, but all of this can be done with common tools.

Call A Bathroom Remodeling Specialist to:

Install a New Toilet

Updating your toilet can be a great way to make the space feel more modern. You may be able to DIY this project if you’ve done it before but keep in mind these common mistakes like resetting a toilet on a damaged flange, incorrect caulking, and improper compression of the wax seal. If you’re not sure about replacing your toilet yourself, call a bathroom remodeling specialist.

Replace Cabinets and Countertops

While there are many DIY shows out there that make installing cabinets and countertops in the bathroom look easy, the job includes taking accurate measurements, hooking up the correct plumbing lines, handling all of the materials correctly, and installing heavy pieces.

Move a Wall

Many homeowners wish they had a larger bathroom, and it is often possible by changing the layout and moving walls to expand into adjoining closets or rooms. Any time you are moving a wall though, you will want a professional remodeler who can pull permits if needed and ensure that the wall is not load bearing.

installing tileReplace Tile Wall or Flooring

Anyone who has installed tile on their own knows it takes a lot of patience to make sure it is perfectly aligned, and the grout and caulking is done correctly. But this is even more important in the bathroom where everything needs to stand up against water and humidity. Having a professional install flooring in the first place could save you from an even bigger expense later on.

Relocate the Toilet or Sink

Any time you are moving around the layout of a bathroom, there will be significant plumbing updates to create new sewer drain lines. This is usually part of a much larger bathroom remodel and will require a professional licensed remodeler.

Install a New Fan

Sometimes, existing fans can be swapped out for a new model relatively easily. However, you will want an electrician to make sure that the wires are not damaged due to any humidity in the bathroom. If you are moving the fan to a different area, you will need to have a licensed electrician to do the wiring and a plumber install air ducts.

Remediate Water Damage

You likely have water damage if your bathroom always has a musty smell, reoccurring mold and mildew, gaps in caulk, or in worse cases warped walls. Mold and mildew grow from the inside out, so simply scrubbing will not fix the problem. Additionally, when drywall is exposed to moisture, it begins to bubble and then warp, and will need to be replaced by a professional.

If your project involves any of the things mentioned in the category above, it’s time to call a full-service remodeler. Brothers cost-savvy bathroom remodeling experts can help you find the best option for your home. Schedule a free, no pressure consultation today.