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Brothers Design Experts’ Favorite New Bathroom Trends for 2022

As everyone spends more time at home, the bathroom has become a place of rest and relaxation, not just a room that serves as a utility. So, the biggest shift that we’ve seen in the past year – and that we expect to see more of – is the bathroom as a living space.

That means bathroom floorplans are getting larger and elements typically found in other areas of the house, like specialty light fixtures, spa-like amenities, and an emphasis on nature, are making their way into the bathroom.

Find out what interior design elements our design experts expect to see more homeowners incorporating into their bathroom remodels this year.

Larger Showers

A big trend in bathrooms has been moving towards larger walk-in showers with multiple showerheads that create a spa-like experience. Some homeowners even create a full wet room with a free-standing tub and built-in benches.

Modern Clean Lines

When we think of modern lines, we might conjure up images of all-white sleek bathrooms. And while white remains the most popular color in bathrooms, transitional design style takes this minimalist clinical look and gives it a cozy edge – while remaining modern. Homeowners are choosing to mix transitional designs, like slab front drawers, with doors that have minimal detail keeping the space clean without the lines being too harsh. Another small way we see this design style is in cabinetry handles with homeowners using pulls on all vanity cabinetry, rather than pulls on drawers and knobs on doors.

Mirrors and Lighting

A key element of a spa-like atmosphere, homeowners are choosing to install more prominent and more stylistic mirrors along with specialty light fixtures. We will see this trend in having two or more mirrors or mirrors that work more like pieces of art with interesting shapes or stylistic frames. We also expect to see more specialty lighting, such as overhead chandeliers, that creates an ambiance.

Bringing Nature Indoors

There are many different ways we are seeing homeowners bring natural elements into their bathrooms. Ideas include stone-like shower pans, larger windows, and an emphasis on incorporating greenery. Homeowners that have the space are even creating indoor-outdoor effects that combine the bathroom with large windows allowing as much natural light as possible into the bathroom. This is also reflected in paint colors with the neutral “greige” category, greys with warm beige undertones, being the main color, and pops of deep colors with warm natural undertones throughout the bathroom.


With the chaos of the past two years, it’s not surprising that comforting nostalgia has made its way into bathroom design. Specifically, we expect to see more classic black and white bathroom tiles in small hexagonal shapes making a comeback.

Smart Home Integrations

Smart technology has been growing in popularity over the last few years. We expect to see homeowners include many convenient options in their new bathrooms, all connected with a smart home hub. For example, the U by Moen Smart Shower and Kohler DTV shower systems allow you to control the shower with voice commands. Thermostatic showers even enable you to start the shower at a specific temperature rather than waiting for it to warm up. This year, other technologies we’ll see in the bathroom are light-up smart mirrors, high-tech water efficient faucets, hidden outlets, Lutron lighting systems, smart toilets with heated seats, bidets, and water-saving features.


Innovations in both technology and the way we consider our homes for the future have impacted how homeowners are renovating their bathrooms today. Even if accessibility is not a concern at the moment, many homeowners are installing items like grab bars, built-in seats, and walk-in showers that will accommodate them as they age. These ideas may make you think of sterile-looking spaces, but manufacturers have come a long way in creating decorative designs that blend seamlessly into any bathroom aesthetic.

Thinking About a Bathroom Remodel?

Remember that while following trends can help your bathroom feel modern, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do what other homeowners are doing. Instead, use the trends and popular aesthetics as ideas for what’s possible. We believe undergoing a bathroom remodel is all about creating your dream space.

Whether you’re planning a major master bathroom remodel, or you’re making small updates to a hall bath or anything in between, Brothers’ design experts can help you create it. We will guide you through materials selections that you can see and feel in our showrooms, so you can be sure everything works together perfectly. Schedule a consultation with a bathroom remodeling expert to get started.