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Brothers Remodeling Experts 2022 Standout Home Exterior Trends

With the new year comes the excitement of change, and many homeowners use that momentum to plan their home remodels. In exterior home remodeling this year, we expect to see an expansion of the focus on nature that we saw in 2021 with additional ways to incorporate outdoor living and sustainability in home design. Check out our exterior remodeling experts’ favorite trends for the coming year.

Warmer Neutrals

Home exterior with brick siding, cedar plank siding, and tan vinyl siding

Last year, we saw more homeowners take advantage of the many exterior hues available in vinyl and fiber cement siding, such as greens and blues. With a focus on natural colors in 2022, we expect to see those colors remain a steady choice. But for homeowners who don’t want to go all out with color, we also expect a shift from the bright whites to softer off-whites and warmer tans and browns. However, that doesn’t mean the modern farmhouse aesthetic is going anywhere; homeowners can still achieve this look with a softer neutral shade of off-white.


The natural trend won’t simply be found in color palates; many homeowners are choosing to use natural materials like brick and stone on their home’s exteriors to evoke the feeling of nature. They are also deciding to reuse and repurpose wood in their plans, install solar panels, and design drought-resistant landscaping that looks great and reduces environmental impact.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

Screened in porch with fireplace

Along with bringing nature into the home, many people are expanding their outdoor living space, both for entertainment and safer gatherings. This has given rise to the indoor/outdoor living trend that comes in the form of covered patio areas, 3- and 4-season rooms, outdoor kitchens, and large accordion doors that open to decks and patios, allowing for lots of airflow.

Outdoor Privacy 

As we are all spending more time outdoors, many homeowners are making the outdoor space feel as private as indoors. Some popular options to make an outdoor living space more secluded are specialty fencing, artistic screens, and landscaping that blocks the view and the sound of surrounding neighbors and roads.

Outdoor Lighting 

Exterior light next to door on home

Of course, if homeowners are treating the outdoors as a living space, they need to light it up like one. We expect to see more custom exterior lighting, from cozy lighting for entertaining and relaxing to automatic footpath and landscape installations that light the way. This lighting can also be integrated into a smart home hub for automation, optimizing safety and convenience.

Safety Features

Over the past two years, safety has been top of mind. So, it’s no surprise that home safety features are seeing an uptick. Things like standby backup generators, automatic exterior lights, and hurricane-resistant roofs and windows are all popular home safety installations that we expect to see more of in the coming year.

Aging-In-Place Design

While aging-in-place has become a popular option for homeowners who renovate with an immediate need to stay in their house or care for family members, the design ideas have made their way to younger demographics. Even if the days of limited mobility are far into the future, we’re seeing more homeowners keep that future in mind when renovating now with lower thresholds, larger door openings, motion-sensing lighting, and covered entryways, to name a few.

Low-Maintenance Materials 

Front door home entryway

Much of our lives are made easier with technology, so it’s no surprise that homeowners are opting for the latest materials that make home maintenance simple. Gutter guards, composite decking, vinyl windows, and vinyl siding are some of the most popular choices that make maintaining a home more accessible.

Considering an exterior remodeling project?

Following the latest design trends is an excellent way to gather design ideas for your home’s exterior, but what really matters is the aesthetic and upgrades you like! Brothers’ remodeling experts can help you get started and guide you through the home remodeling process, whether you want to follow the trends or go your own way. Schedule a consultation with an exterior remodeling specialist to get started.