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Designing Your Master Bedroom and Closet

When homeowners want to renovate their master bedroom and closet area, they usually have one thing in mind – more space. But small changes like decluttering and tidying before starting a renovation make the difference between additional space and a space that you will actually enjoy spending time in.

You have likely heard of the KonMari Method™ created by Marie Kondo and outlined in her bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The KonMariTM decluttering method progresses by category, and the first category is clothing. So, what better place to start your tidying journey than the bedroom and closet?

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You can build out your closet and add all of the specialized storage systems available, but it will still feel cluttered if there are clothing items that you do not love. That’s why it’s essential to take the step of decluttering before you design your new bedroom. Once decluttered, even the smallest bedrooms and closets can be renovated to feel more open, luxurious, and, most importantly, relaxing.

Here are five ways you can utilize the KonMariTM method in designing your master bedroom:

1. Customize Closet Storage

Once you have discarded the clothing that doesn’t spark joy, you still need to organize your closet to make it both tidy and functional. Following the KonMariTM method, you should only hang clothing such as suits, coats, and pieces with highly tailored cuts or fluttery fabric. Hanging clothing should rise to the right. So, heavier materials, longer items, and darker colors should start on the left and progress to lighter, shorter pieces on the right. While these guidelines remain the same for all closets, the balance of these pieces will depend on what you have in your individual wardrobe. So, customized closets with rails and even built-in drawers are a great way to keep your space tidy after you have done a major declutter.

2. Pick the Right Dresser

Marie Kondo suggests folding as many clothes as possible, so choosing a dresser that can hold all of your clothing items comfortably is important. But you must declutter first. Once you have discarded the clothing that doesn’t spark joy, you will know what kind of space you need in your dresser. Perhaps you don’t have many items left, and a small streamlined three-drawer piece like the Tarva chest from Ikea will work. Or, you may realize that you would like to fold all of the clothing that was previously hanging in your closet. In that case, a larger dresser with different sized drawers like the Parthenia 9-Drawer from Wayfair may be a better choice.

3. Add Relaxing Scents and Lighting

Transforming your bedroom into a space that you can relax comes with visual and scent cues. Marie Kondo suggests incorporating scents from natural candles or oils that will make you feel happy and peaceful. As for lighting, smart lighting controls can make a big difference in how your space feels. Control your lights with a remote, your smartphone, or even your voice when connected to a smart home device.

4. Clean Regularly

It is tough to relax in a dirty bedroom. Once you have cleared the visual clutter, your room still won’t feel tidy until your linens are cleaned, and your bed is made. Marie Kondo suggests that you wash your sheets once a week. You may realize that you’re avoiding doing laundry because you have to carry heavy loads up and down the stairs. Increasingly, we’re seeing homeowners move their laundry room to the same floor as their master bedroom. When the laundry is on the same level, you will likely find it less of a hassle to wash more regularly.

5. Designate Places

Marie Kondo notes that you should “designate a spot for every last thing you own.” Without designated places, items will pile up, and you’ll be left with clutter all over your bedroom. When redesigning your room, consider the decor items and things you use every day that you have kept after decluttering. Where will you put your watch, glasses, phone, the book you are currently reading? In many cases, we see these items pile up on a bedside table or get tossed in a lounge chair in the corner. When you redesign your space, consider where these things will go each day. Maybe larger bedside tables are the right storage solution. Or, perhaps you have many small décor items that you would like to display, but they feel cluttered on the vanity and bedside table. Built-in shelving can be a great solution to give these items a home.

When you’re ready to remodel your home, contact the remodeling experts at Brothers. Our professional designers can help you plan your layout, storage, and design aesthetic to create a beautiful and tidy master bedroom and closet.