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Brothers Design Experts’ Favorite Kitchen Trends for 2021

Change is synonymous with the new year, so if you’re thinking about changing up your outdated kitchen, now is a great time to get started! And to help you plan your dream kitchen, our design experts have pulled together a list of their favorite up and coming kitchen trends for 2021.

Natural Finishes

Natural hardwood-style finishes fit the organic aesthetic that we are expecting to see in 2021. But that doesn’t necessarily mean wood-grain cabinetry and hardwood flooring. These natural wood finishes are mimicked in luxury vinyl tile and ceramic tile flooring that is durable, moisture and bacteria-resistant, and easy to clean. This design also lends itself to neutral colors, like white and grey, which will continue to be a staple in cabinetry.

blue cabinetsColorful Cabinetry

Over the past year, pops of color in the lower and island cabinetry have become an exciting trend in kitchen design that we don’t expect to go away any time soon. Many homeowners are choosing a coastal or naval style blue that is both clean and calm. Others are choosing natural greens for more of a pop and a fresh aesthetic.

Stunning Backsplashes

While subway tile never seems to go out of style, many homeowners are taking a spin on this traditional material with handcrafted versions that add texture and visual interest. For a bolder look, we’re expecting more homeowners to choose unique colors or even create entire backsplash walls that are a true star of the kitchen. 

Marbled Quartz

Quartz seems to become more and more popular for kitchen countertops each year. With its durability and resistance to staining, many people who want a marble look are turning to this imitation material instead. In addition to the marble look, we will likely see more all-white countertops to balance out the more colorful backsplashes that are becoming trendier.

kitchen with natural lightLots of Light

Over the past year, we’ve seen more homeowners opting to incorporate larger windows and window paned doors into their kitchen spaces to make the most of natural light, and we expect that trend to continue into 2021. Another way homeowners are brightening up their spaces is with recessed ceiling lights and led task lighting under cabinetry.

Mixed Metals

Previously, homeowners had to choose fixtures, hardware, and lighting that all matched in the same metal tone. But that’s changing as mixed metals have proven to create a balance of warm and cool tones in the kitchen that creates more visual interest. But that doesn’t mean you should pick all different metals, try to stick to one dominant metal finish with an accent. Consider combining one of the trendiest finishes today, black, with most any metal color for a modern aesthetic.

under cabinet outletsTechnology Advancements

Technology is advancing into 2021, and the kitchen is a great place to implement these new gadgets. Smart outlets, outlets hidden within the countertop, and outlets with USB charging ports are just a few of the useful tech pieces that you can incorporate into your new kitchen. Touchless faucets, energy-saving appliances, and lower flow sinks are all ways that you can use new technology for a more sustainable design.

Hidden Appliances

When we think of appliance garages, outdated half-circular and clunky cabinetry can come to mind. But the current cabinet designs to keep appliances hidden from view are sleek and seamlessly integrated into modern cabinet design. Having appliances out of the way, off of the countertops not only makes them easier to clean, but it also reduces visual clutter.

Many of these trends can be combined with more traditional design elements to ensure your kitchen aesthetic stands the test of time. If all of these design ideas are overwhelming, don’t worry! Brothers remodeling and design experts can help guide you through your kitchen redesign. From properly scoping your project to helping you with cohesive materials selections, we will create your dream kitchen together. Schedule a consultation with a Brothers remodeling expert to get started.