Four Reasons to Install a Standby Generator

You never know when a storm could hit or an electrical grid could fail, knocking out the power supply to your neighborhood. But that’s not a problem if you have a standby generator, also known as a whole home generator. Within seconds of the blackout, your generator can automatically power all of your home’s electrical circuits or just the essentials like the kitchen or your home office.

Generators are an investment and before any notable investment, it’s important to do your research. That’s why we have compiled the four main reasons that homeowners consider before installing a standby generator.

storm damage1. Safety

When the power goes out, the temperature inside your home can quickly heat up to sweltering levels in the summer and freezing in the winter. While this might not seem like a big deal for a few minutes, it can be a real safety hazard for your family if power is out for a few hours or more.

Additionally, a standby generator is often a safer option than portable models. With portable generators, you usually have to calculate the proper voltage for your appliances and remember to disconnect after a power outage. A permanent standby generator is installed by a licensed electrician who will prewire all the connections. That means, the generator can detect when the power goes out and turn itself on, simultaneously disconnecting the utility power. Once your regular power comes back on, the generator turns off with no action required of the homeowner.

2. Convenience

Going without power can be incredibly inconvenient in today’s world. The food in your refrigerator (and all the money you spent on it) can be lost. And heating or air conditioning won’t be available along with your Wi-Fi and everything connected to it. With a standby generator, the power will only be out for a few seconds, meaning you can get back to your everyday life.

3. Longevity

A portable generator will last only as long as the amount of fuel you have on hand. However, a backup generator can power your whole house for days or even weeks as it is connected directly to the fuel source. Plus, a well-maintained generator has a lifespan between 20-40 years! A generator is a one-time investment that can power you through years and years of power outages.

4. Return on Investment

As with any upgrade to the home, you can see a return on investment from a generator when you choose to sell your house. According to Remodeling Magazine’s cost vs. value analysis, homeowners can get more than 50% of the generator and installation cost back in home value.

Whatever the reason you choose to install a whole home generator, make sure to have it installed by a professional and licensed electrician. Brothers’ master electricians will properly scope the project and help you pick the right generator for your home and needs. Most installations can be done in a day, and our team of licensed electricians will make sure the job is done right. Schedule a consultation with one of our skilled electricians to get started today.


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