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How to Install an Electric Car Charging Station at Home

There has been a lot of buzz coming from the automotive industry lately, but that sound isn’t news; it’s electric power. If you know anyone with an electric vehicle (EV), you might have heard them talk about the benefits, including less noise, more reliability, and fewer stops at gas stations. But that last one comes with its own set of complications since the alternative to gas is, of course, energy, and that energy must come from somewhere!

The Basics of Charging Stations

When you purchase an EV from a dealership, you are given a basic charging cord that plugs into a standard household outlet. This system doesn’t require additional parts or installation, but one major negative is that it takes an extremely long time to charge.

Many electric vehicle owners choose to hire a skilled electrician to install a charging station (also called Electric Vehicle Service Equipment or EVSE) in their garage to decrease the time it takes to charge their vehicle fully. There are two levels of charging stations to choose from when installing a station at your home.

Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station in your Garage

There is no need to add another garage just because you bought an electric vehicle. An electrician can install charging stations in your existing space. One of their first steps will be to evaluate the state of your home to see how much energy your current system can handle. Once that has been determined, here is the process:

  1. The electrician will get confirmation from the homeowner on what type of charger they require, or in most cases, what charger they already have.
  2. Then they will determine the desired location of the charger.
  3. Your electrician will write up a proposal for the installation.
  4. After the proposal is signed, the installation can be scheduled. Installation is usually completed within one day unless a home does not have the electrical capacity for the desired charger and requires a system upgrade.

Protect the Performance of Your Charging Station

Installing an electric vehicle charging station is a relatively simple process, but there’s more you can do afterward to prolong the life of your electric vehicle and the place you park it. While electric vehicles are a great representation of advanced technology, they are still sensitive to temperature changes. Ensure your garage is fully insulated to protect your car and its batteries from fluctuating due to weather conditions. A climate-controlled garage not only cuts energy costs over time but also extends the battery life of any electric vehicle you may have.

If you have an electric vehicle or are thinking about getting one, schedule a consultation with a Brothers skilled electricians today to make sure your garage is set up for optimal charging. Our teams have been improving Maryland homes with the latest technologies for nearly 40 years, and our electricians are ready to help you drive into the future with quality electric power