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How to Plan the Perfect Mudroom

Mudrooms are a great addition to any home. Sometimes, there is already a designated space, but it could use modifications to work better for your family. And other times, you’ll be starting from scratch. But either way, planning every detail will help you get an end product that you love!

As with any remodeling project, start by envisioning how you and your family will use the space. Are you using it before heading out to work, do you have kids who play sports, do you need a more organized laundry space, are there pets in your home? Once you have answered these questions, consider how those needs could be met.

Remember, the point of a mudroom is to use it every day. It will likely be the first area of your home that you will see when arriving back. So, it’s important to marry the aesthetic aspects with utility.

Here are five things to keep in mind when planning your dream mudroom.

1. Choose Durable Flooring

In Maryland, we have pretty much every type of weather. That means you will be tracking in dirt, water, and snow, depending on the time of year. Your mudroom will need flooring material that is both durable and easy to clean. Natural materials like slate and stone can work well, as well as tile, but increasingly more homeowners are choosing luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Unlike the vinyl sheets of the past, LVT is thicker and interlocks to stop water from getting into the subfloor. LVT also comes in a variety of patterns that can mimic the look of hardwood without the maintenance.

2. Plan Custom Storage

Every home’s mudroom storage will look different. For example, if you’re using the space as a laundry room, you may want to add cabinets or shelves to hold cleaning supplies. If you have kids, creating individual cubbies with hooks for coats and backpacks with a space for shoes underneath will keep things organized.

3. Add Ample Seating

Mudrooms are most often used for taking off and putting on shoes. Having a bench to sit down and get shoes on and off is a must-have for any mudroom. There are many built-in bench designs to choose from that fit any aesthetic. Under-bench shoe storage is also a great use of space and ensures that shoes don’t go any further into the house, tracking dirt and water.

laundry room4. Make Room for Laundry

Much of the time, the laundry is already located in the space that will become your new mudroom. If you’re going to keep the laundry machine and dryer in the mudroom, don’t forget about the rest of the laundry process. Make sure there’s a spot to store and easily access detergent, bleach, softener, and dryer sheets. Consider adding hooks to hold the ironing board and drying rack. Or even incorporate fold-down ones to save space.

5. Remember A Place for Pets

Many people choose to add custom areas in their mudroom for pets. The mudroom can be a great spot for a covert cat litter box. Alternatively, a pet shower to clean off muddy paws before they even get into the house is also a convenient innovation. Storage and a feeding area for these pets is another good use of space in a mudroom.

All home projects turn out better when you have the right team. If you’re ready to start building your dream mudroom, schedule a consultation with the remodeling experts at Brothers. Our consultants and designers will help you plan the perfect space, and our master tradespeople have the specialized experience to get the job done right.