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How to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel While At Home

We’re all spending time at home, and for most of us, that means using our kitchen for home-cooked meals more often than usual. But that also means that if your kitchen is due for an upgrade, you’ve noticed. Now is the perfect time to figure out what you want in a kitchen remodel. While your project likely won’t be starting for a few months, here are some things you can do to prepare while you’ve got lots of time at home.

Clear Out Clutter

cabinet clutter

Let’s face it, we all have extra pots, pans, gadgets, and tableware that we don’t use that often – if ever! And that is more so for those who have lived in the same house for decades. Now is a great time to go through your kitchen and pull out the pieces that you no longer need or use. Place them aside to donate once charity stores reopen. Having only the items you need for your new kitchen will help you better plan your cabinet space. You’ll know how much space you need, and you can even start planning specialty cabinets for the items you keep or want to buy!

Curate a Pinterest Page

With all the extra time indoors, it can be like a mini getaway to scroll through websites like Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration. It’s a great use of time to create a Pinterest board for your dream kitchen. You can even go through manufacturers’ websites, such as Waypoint cabinets or Cambria countertops, to start pinning the styles that you love. These curated boards will help you find your unique style. Plus, when it comes time to design, they will help a professional designer find selections that fit your aesthetic.

kitchen work zonesFigure Out Your Work Zones

The three main zones in the kitchen include the preparation, cooking, and washing zones. If you find yourself carrying prepped food across the kitchen to the stove, it can create a clunky cooking experience. Or, if you’re running all over the kitchen when putting away dishes from the dishwasher, then the layout just isn’t working. Take note of how much space you feel like you need to prep, and whether your current layout works for your lifestyle.

List Your Priorities

All successful kitchen remodels start with a budget. But choosing where to splurge and where to save is something that takes careful planning. If functionality and storage space is your main priority, consider custom cabinets. If aesthetics are a priority, consider spending more on your backsplash for a unique look. Or maybe you want to completely change the layout, which will require plumbing and electrical work. Whatever you choose, make sure to understand how different aspects will impact your budget.

Prepare a “Stand-in” Kitchen Space

Stand-in kitchen

There’s no way around it. During a kitchen remodel, your kitchen will be a construction zone. But you can ease the interruption to daily life by planning a temporary kitchen space, out of the way of where the construction will be. If you plan to remodel this summer, you could add prep space next to a grill or on the deck. Your garage or basement are also great places to move the refrigerator and set up a folding table with a microwave, toaster, and coffee machine.

Make a Meal Plan

If you have set up a temporary kitchen space, make plans for meals that you can make with what you’ve got. That may mean prepping freezer meals that can simply be microwaved like chili or lasagna, freezing marinated meat and veggies for the grill, or stocking up on non-perishable snacks. If you make a plan for meals during a remodel now, you can stick to your regular diet and avoid breaking the bank on takeout!

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen, but haven’t scheduled anything yet? After any economic event, construction supplies go up in price and thus companies have to raise prices to compensate. Lock in lower prices now by scheduling your kitchen remodel today. Your consultation can be completed virtually now while the construction won’t start for a few months, giving you plenty of time to take the steps above and be prepared for your new kitchen.