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How to Safely Replace Your Roof During a Pandemic

The pandemic has forced all of us to put some things on hold, but if your roof has a leak or is ready for a replacement, you know that it’s not something that can wait. That’s why remodeling and construction businesses are considered essential under virtually all public health orders nationwide.

However, COVID can still be of concern any time a person is coming to your home. Of course, with a roof replacement, there’s no good way around having a consultation with a roofing professional and then having a roofing crew at your house. But there are precautions that you can take and things you can require your roofing contractor to do, which will keep you as safe as possible during your roof replacement.

Require Safe Hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment

At the absolute minimum, per Maryland’s regulations, both you and your roofing contractor should be wearing a mask during all interactions. You may also request that anyone coming into your home wear new disposable gloves and shoe covers. The contractor should also sanitize their hands upon entering your home and exiting. They should have their own hand sanitizer, but it’s never a bad idea to have some on hand.

You can also inquire into the safety practices being followed at the contractor’s office. While the roofing crew likely hasn’t been indoors at the office, the roofing consultant may have been. As CDC guidelines have evolved throughout the pandemic, it is your contractor’s responsibility to stay on top of them and ensure that their employees follow the most current regulations.

Limit In-Home Exposure 

For the most part, roof replacement is an exterior job, so the roofers should be able to spend the majority of their time outside of your home. However, for the initial consultation, the roofing expert should get on your roof and will likely need to look inside your attic. You can prepare for this by moving things out of the way ahead of time, so there is a clear path to the attic door or hatch. The consultant will need to discuss their findings with you after inspecting your roof and attic, so it is a good idea to plan to do this in a socially distant manner, whether it is inside your home, outside on the porch or deck, or even virtually via the Internet.

On the day of your roof replacement, there will be a roofing crew at your home for most of the day. It is entirely fair to ask them not to enter your home at all if that is how you are most comfortable. Crews commonly use public restrooms when they can’t access the interior of a home. If you are comfortable having them inside your home, you can prepare by having a pathway cleared to the closest bathroom or to identify a bathroom (such as a walk-in basement) that isn’t used often by your family. The roofing crew should always follow the hygiene procedures above; however, it’s never a bad idea to supply sanitizing spray or wipes along with soap or hand sanitizer in the bathroom.

The roofing consultant and crew should remain at least 6 feet away from you at all times, both inside and outsides of your home. Remember, construction employees are going home to their families and want to feel safe on the job as well, so taking reasonable steps is appreciated, even if it feels unnecessary.

Ensure Isolation

In keeping with CDC guidelines, your contractor should ensure that any employee who shows coronavirus symptoms or has been identified as a close contact to someone testing positive for coronavirus will isolate before returning to work. Similarly, if anyone in your household shows symptoms or you have potentially been exposed to the virus, you should delay work on your home. Additionally, your contractor should ensure that any employee traveling outside of your area follows public health guidance for isolation before working on your home. If you are planning to travel, be sure to book any appointments or schedule any work at least 14 days after your trip.

Choose a Trusted Partner

Before hiring a contractor for any project around your home, you should do your research and read online reviews to make sure that they are trustworthy and reliable. But more importantly, that you are comfortable with them coming into your home. It is your right to ask about their safety plans around COVID, and you should make sure they have their own precautions in place.

From the start of the pandemic, Brothers has implemented an industry-leading hygiene plan in which we take all the precautions mentioned above and have employees who can work from home do so to limit the number of people in our offices significantly. We are sensitive that this is a unique and concerning time for many families. Our guiding principle has always been to treat each customer’s home as if it were our own, so we are committed to helping your keep your home clean, safe, and beautiful.

If you have a project that you need help with, schedule a consultation with one of our remodeling experts to get started.