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Remodeling Your Kitchen with Personalized Storage

When we work with homeowners to design their dream kitchen, we often hear that space and organization are top priorities. A well-designed kitchen can provide exactly that. But it takes the right preparation to have a truly functional kitchen that works for your unique lifestyle.

You have likely heard of the KonMari Method™ created by Marie Kondo and outlined in her bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Marie Kondo suggests that you “discard first and store later.” And it’s true! You can design a kitchen with all the customized and expanded storage options in the world. However, it will still feel cluttered if you have items that you don’t actually use or even really want.

Over the years, we can accumulate a myriad of single-use kitchen appliances cluttering our drawers and cabinets. And we think, if only I had deeper drawers, then I could store pots, pans, and appliances. But in reality, you might not need all of these devices, using them once every few months when another item would be an easy substitute. And on a frustrating note, even if everything fits in your new kitchen, it can still feel cluttered.

On the other hand, once you have tidied, you may realize that the drawer where you keep your morning coffee or tea supplies quickly becomes messy with sugars, creamers, coffee pods, and other odds and ends that you use in your morning routine. In this case, a drawer with custom inserts that creates a home for each type of item will help you keep the area tidy.

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However, you will only come to these realizations – and be able to map your dream kitchen perfectly – if you first take stock of what you actually use and want in your everyday life.

Once you have begun your tidying journey, here are five ways you can apply the KonMari Method™ to your kitchen remodel:

1. Specialized Cabinetry

As Marie Kondo says, “storage methods are not solutions to tidying.” That is why it is imperative to declutter and tidy before you remodel your kitchen. Then, you will know what specialized cabinetry you need to fit the items that are left. One homeowner may find that they got rid of most of their spices while decluttering. At the same time, another who cooks from scratch regularly needs a built-in spice rack cabinet. Or, a homeowner may realize they use their deep pots regularly and need a drawer that can accommodate them and create easy access.

2. Appliance Storage

Once you have decluttered and only have the appliances you truly need in the kitchen, where should they go? Even if you’ve narrowed it down to a few appliances, they can still make the countertop feel cluttered. On the other hand, pulling the coffee maker or blender out of the cabinet every morning becomes annoying. Planning unique storage options for your appliances can keep them out of sight but also close at hand. Consider a cabinet face that hinges up or an appliance garage that allows easy access while keeping appliances behind a rolling door. 

3. Minimize Blind Spots

A key to storage space in the KonMari Method™ is making sure that you can see everything you have when you open a cabinet. This is especially helpful in the kitchen, so you don’t repurchase ingredients or tools you already have. With slide-out shelving, a pull out lazy Susan, and task lighting around cabinetry, you can eliminate the blind spots around your new kitchen.

4. Customized Sink Area

A big part of keeping a tidy home around wet areas is ensuring that there is not too much clutter for soap scum to accumulate on. With touchless faucet options, you don’t have to touch handles with dirty hands, taking a step out of your cleaning process. You can also add storage for soap and sponges with a custom cabinet under the sink, or shelf above it.

5. Sleek Modern Design Elements

Marie Kondo notes that when you enter a KonMari home, you will notice minimal visual clutter. The floors and countertops are clear and have clean lines. To achieve this feeling in your kitchen, consider a modern aesthetic. Combine a flat-faced cabinet with a low-profile handle like these Fieldstone cabinets with Elements Edgefield hardware or even choose a cabinet that requires no hardware at all.

When you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, give the remodeling experts at Brothers a call. Our professional kitchen designers can help you plan your layout, storage, and design aesthetic to create a beautiful and tidy kitchen.