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Top 5 Emerging Bathroom Trends of 2023

The bathroom has become one of the most loved spaces of a home over the last few years. Many homeowners are turning to their bathrooms as a sanctuary when it comes to self-care, and the right bathroom updates can really add value to your home. But how do you know what the right updates are? 

We’ve asked our design experts in the Brothers Services Company Showroom to tell us some of the top emerging bathroom trends for 2023, as well as a few trends that are on their way out. 

Bliss Out with Blue

Bliss Out in Blue

Blue is going to be one of the most popular trends emerging in 2023. Blue is symbolic of open spaces, calmness, and water. Rich blues and teals can create a sense of depth and serenity, while dustier shades of blue and green allow you to work with tons of complementary colors.

Natural Tones

Natural Tones

Our showroom has seen an influx of customers interested in adding natural colors to their bathrooms. From a velvety sage to a sandy beige, homeowners are bringing nature-inspired colors together in subtle ways to create a sense of the outdoors in their homes.

Warm & Wood Cabinets

Warm Wood Cabinets

Homeowners have started embracing warmer tones and natural elements throughout their homes, and the bathroom is no exception. Natural wood not only subliminally boosts your mood, but compliments an array of color options for tile, walls, and fixtures.

Statement Lighting

Statement Lighting

Whether it’s helping you get all your makeup off after a long day or setting the tone for a relaxing bath, lighting is very important in the bathroom. As bathrooms are a personal space, more homeowners are opting for personal preferences in their light fixtures. Statement pieces pop well against wood cabinets and natural color pallets.

Black Fixtures

Black Fixtures

Darker colors are coming back in the form of fixtures. Whether it’s matte black or brushed nickel and chrome, the contrasting dark fixtures when paired with natural cabinets can really create a pop in your space. We expect to see this mixing of textures not only in the bathroom but in the kitchen as well.

Bathroom Trends on Their Way Out in 2023

All White Everything: Having an all-white bathroom has been very popular in recent years for its clean and simplistic look, but it seems as though homeowners are ready to add more color to their space. Many people believe that an all-white look makes a space look bigger, but the same can also be said for adding richer tones as well. Colors can add dimension which gives an illusion of endless curves and corners.

Large Tiles: The last few years saw an increase in the number of people wanting large tiles in their bathroom. This limited the amount of grout lines seen which in turn created a contemporary look that many found chic. We expect to see smaller tiles popping up in bathrooms this year as people are looking for more of an artisanal style.

Are you ready to make updates to your bathroom? Brothers is here to help you get the bathroom of your dreams in 2023. We can guide you through material selections in our showroom to ensure everything works together seamlessly. Schedule your free consultation today and let our bathroom experts help you get started.