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Why Some Roofing Companies are More Expensive than Others

Proper roof maintenance is a necessary part of owning a home. But there’s no getting around it; eventually, your roof will need to be replaced, and for most homeowners, a roof replacement can be one of the most expensive projects that they undertake.

There are fundamental factors that will affect your roof price, no matter what company you get a quote from. These include the roof size, the pitch and slope of your roof, and the materials you choose for your new roof. Even so, it’s never a bad idea to get a few quotes for your project. However, once you have received multiple quotes, it can be hard to tell the difference between roofing companies. Consider the following when you are comparing estimates:

Quality of Materials

There are many more layers to a roof than what we can see from the outside, and these layers can be made out of different materials. But not all materials are created equal. Higher quality materials will last longer, need fewer repairs, and will do a better job of protecting your home. For example, felt underlay is water-resistant but does not last very long, whereas rubberized asphalt underlay is pricier but designed to be waterproof and stands the test of time. Sometimes, a quote will be higher because the roofing company only uses high-quality materials that they trust. However, your roofer should be transparent and go over the details of the materials when you ask.

Scope of Work

Before any home improvement project, you should receive a comprehensive scope of work from your contractor in writing. And roofing is no exception. Before giving you a quote, the roofing consultant should thoroughly inspect your roof. In most cases, that includes getting on your roof to inspect it close-up and take accurate measurements, noting features like chimneys, vent caps, and flashing that may affect the price. They should also look at your roof from the underside (in the attic) to assess the condition of the decking, insulation, and ventilation. After this assessment is complete, they should provide you with a detailed scope of work for your specific roof’s needs. Not a one size fits all approach where you may be paying for additional decking and other materials that will never be used on your roof at all.

Teams and Oversight

It is important to understand who will be at your home doing the actual work installing your new roof. Some companies are just sales operations. That means, once you sign a contract, they will bid your job out to the lowest cost contractor. In this case, there is not a dedicated Field Quality Manager from the company you signed a contract with to oversee the work. Ask the sales associate if the company uses subcontractors. If they do, ask how the company will manage those subcontractors on-site and once the job is complete, who you can contact if there are items that need to be fixed.

Workmanship Warranties

Your roofer should offer both a manufacturer’s warranty and a workmanship warranty. The first one is from the company who makes the product and will cover the product performance only if installed correctly. The second one covers the actual work the contractors are doing. If a quote seems low, ask the sales associate to give you a written explanation of exactly what will be covered by each of these warranties.

Even considering all of the factors above, most of the quotes you get for your roof should fall within a few thousand dollars of each other. Be wary of any outliers. If one quote is suspiciously low, there’s a good chance that the materials’ quality will also be low and the crew unsupervised. On the other hand, if the quote is much higher than others, ask the sales consultant why. It’s possible that this company completed a more thorough inspection and caught something the others didn’t, such as damp insulation or damaged decking that needs to be fixed, which will raise the cost. No matter what a roofing company quotes your project, you should receive a detailed scope of work in writing before signing any contracts.

If you are considering a roof replacement, schedule a free, no-pressure consultation with a Brothers roofing expert. Our specialists will thoroughly inspect your roof to provide you with a detailed estimate in writing that factors in all the unique aspects of your home.