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Expansive Modern Farmhouse Custom Home Remodel

When the Heard family relocated from Georgia to Maryland, they knew they wanted a property with expansive land. When they found this 1800s farmhouse on 80 acres, they loved the property and charm of the old building, but not the 544 square foot layout. As soon as they purchased it, the Heards brought this custom remodel project to Brothers, where we did all the design and renovations to create an expansive modern farmhouse.

The Brothers team designed the new home with a modern first-floor owners suite, walk-in pantry and food prep area, brick floor, soapstone countertops, and more while maintaining the old structure’s integrity. We were able to retain the original floor and the ceiling with exposed wood rafters that keep the original farmhouse charm. On the home’s exterior, we installed James Hardie lap siding that resembles cedar but is much more resistant to the elements. The roof includes a combination of asphalt shingles and metal accents that make this farmhouse fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape. The finished modern farmhouse design totals 5,400 square feet!

BEFORE: Original 

Heard Home Before

Project Hurdles

  • Short Basement
    The existing basement was only 7 feet deep, which was not tall enough to be a livable space.
  • Center Staircase
    In the new design, the staircase would no longer be in the center of the home, making the layout awkward.
  • Maintaining History
    The homeowners wanted to maintain the charm of the old home while seriously expanding the layout.
  • Aging in Place
    The homeowners plan to age in place in this home, but the multiple stories make that problematic.
  • Space for Dogs
    The Heards have two dogs that would be coming in and out of the house, and they spend a lot of time outdoors themselves, but they didn’t want them tracking mud all over the place.
  • Kitchen Space
    With two kids still at home, the Heards would be using the kitchen a lot, but they didn’t want it to feel cluttered and disorganized.


  • Expanded Basement
    The Brothers team underpinned the existing foundation to create a 10-foot basement that is now a full living space.
  • Relocate Staircase
    The Brothers team retained and relocated the original staircase to work in the new design.
  • Retaining Items
    The Brothers team was able to reuse the original flooring on the second floor and expose the ceiling rafters that create an authentic farmhouse aesthetic.
  • Converted Elevator Shaft
    Brothers built a space for an elevator into the final design, but to utilize that area now, we created closets in what will eventually become the elevator shaft.
  • Mud Room
    The design included a ramp and pet room in the exterior of the home to make caring for the animals easier and easy to maintain tile where muddy boots can be stored.
  • Walk-In Pantry
    Brothers designed and built a full walk-in pantry and prep space that the family can use to store and make quick meals without cluttering up the kitchen.

AFTER: Remodeled Custom Home

Heard After Remodel

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