Your roof protects your most valuable investment. Regular maintenance will keep it working for you long into the future.

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Repair or Replace Your Roof

Whether your roof has a leak and needs a quick patch or is past due for a full replacement, Brothers Services is here for you. As one of the leading roofing companies in Maryland, we’ve worked with tens of thousands of families to fortify their roofing with efficiency, cost, and quality top-of-mind.

We treat every home like it's our own. This is just one of the many reasons why families trust us over other roofing companies in Maryland. Your roof should add a sense of comfort and security to your home, not create a source of stress and frustration. Let Brothers Services take the hassle out of roofing repairs and replacements.

Proper Roof Ventilation Improves Energy Costs

Proper roof ventilation is vital to your roof’s lifespan and a key indicator of proper installation.  Without it, your attic will trap heat and humidity, which can affect your ceilings and cause a range of damages, including cracked wood, premature aging of roofing materials, and excessive cooling costs.

Brother’s Services is an expert in roofing and uses calculated formulas rather than assumptions to determine the exact amount of ventilation and materials needed to keep your attic at the right temperature. Our expert designers ensure that each ventilation system is properly balanced — a difference you’ll notice right away in your monthly energy bills and the overall comfort of your home environment.

Customize the Look of Your Roof

Roofing doesn’t have to be boring. It can accentuate the look and personality of your home. Our wide range of materials allow you to get creative with one of the most noticeable features of your home exterior. We only source the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and efficiency. That’s why Brothers Services partners with Owens Corning ™ and CertainTeed. Our vibrant roofing materials include:

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We were delighted with every aspect of our roofing project. All of our questions and requests were responded to in a timely manner. It's seldom that we can highly recommend all aspects of a service provider, but this is the case of Brothers.
Walter Family, Middle River, MD
Fantastic company! Brother Service did a full roof tear out and replacement for us and the job was done expertly and there was no mess. Clean up was excellent and we are very happy with our new roof.
Schaefer Family, Harwood, MD
Workers were there at the time that was set. Did their work and completely cleaned and inspected the area prior to leaving. I didn’t even find an errant nail after they were gone.
Ron K., Bel Air, MD
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