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10 Simple Ways to Update Your Home's Exterior

Even the most beautiful homes can eventually feel mundane when nothing has been updated in a while. And with most of us spending more time around the house than ever before, changing things up on your home's exterior is a great way to fall back in love with your home.

We've pulled together ten simple ways that you can update the front of your house today. Some of these projects are easy DIYs, while others could be a one-day project for a specialized professional or a full-service remodeler.

1. Clean Your Siding

Cleaning your siding every year will keep it looking new and will help it last longer. Vinyl siding is easy to clean with a soft bristle brush and mild soap. You can also use a pressure washer on your home, but take extra precautions when doing so. Make sure you follow the instructions for your specific pressure washer model. However, if you notice mold and mildew or insect damage, it may be time to replace your siding.

2. Resurface the Driveway

If you've been patching your driveway for the last few years, it may be a good idea to resurface it. Resurfacing is much less intensive and less expensive than a full replacement. Resurfacing your driveway now will get it ready for winter, so water does not get into the cracks this winter and expand to create an even bigger problem. Plus, the jet-black driveway will add excellent curb appeal to your home.

3. Add Lighting

Whether you want to update the lighting fixture at your front door, add lights to illuminate your landscaping at night, or even install floodlights for added security, lighting can make a big difference in how the exterior of your home looks.

4. Invest in New Landscaping

Nothing freshens up your front yard like new flowers, plants, and fresh mulch. Visit your local nursery to pick out unique plants or even hire a professional landscaper to come up with a beautiful new vision for your front yard.

5. Install a New Front Door

From traditional natural tones to modern pops of color, your front door makes a big statement. But a new front door doesn't just add curb appeal; it also plays a critical part in energy efficiency and security. You could even recoup over 50% of the entry door cost in home value.

6. Create a Walkway

Whether it's a DIY stone pathway, or a professionally installed concrete or brick walkway, updating the path leading to your front door helps pull together your landscaping and home. Choose a style and works with your home's aesthetic, so everything feels cohesive.

7. Install Window Planters

Every house style has a window box planter that can match the aesthetic. And what better time than summer to have beautiful flowers adorning your home? Most planters are easy to install yourself. Just make sure to pick the style that works best for your home.

8. Pressure Wash the Front Walkway and Steps

Nothing gives a weathered surface new life like power washing. If you don't have your own pressure washer, you can rent one from a store near you or find a pressure washing service in your area. But make sure to do your research beforehand to make sure that the surface can withstand the high pressure.

9. Add Unique Trim

Create more personality with trim accents under the eaves and on the corners of your home. With many different styles and colors, you can easily find something that will compliment your home's aesthetic.

10. Upgrade the Garage Door

While a new garage door can run you a few thousand dollars, you can easily upgrade the look of your current door for under $20 with decorative hardware. This simple project can take your garage door from an eyesore to a statement piece in minutes.

While working on your home's exterior, you may realize your home needs a more significant update like new siding, roof replacement, or even new windows. If so, the experts at Brothers can help! We can do everything from small repairs to full replacements, both inside and outside of your home. Schedule a consultation with an exterior remodeling expert at Brothers to learn more today.


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