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After Your Roof Leaked: What to Look Out For

Your roof leaked, so you contained the problem and called a roofing company to make repairs. Now what? When your roof leaks, it can allow water into many different parts of your home. After you contain the leak, check these areas around your house for possible additional issues.

Wet drywallDrywall 

Water coming through the ceiling is likely the way that you realized your roof was leaking in the first place. But due to the pitch and slope of the roof, water can trickle to different parts of your home. Check all around your house to make sure there isn’t water damage on the drywall in other rooms as well.

If your drywall gets too wet, it will become soft and crumble. In that case, you will need to either cut out the damaged area and patch it with a new piece of drywall or completely replace the section. If the water damage creates a stain but dries out, you may be able to secure it back in place with new screws and repaint with specialized stain-killing paint. If you are unsure how bad the damage is, it is best to have it inspected by a professional contractor. If drywall remains damp, there is a high possibility of mold developing and causing an even bigger headache.

wet insulationAttic and Insulation

Go up to your attic and inspect the decking. If your roof has leaked, that means water has gotten past the shingles, underlayment, and water barrier into the wood decking. If your decking is sagging, or you can see dark areas and water staining, then your decking will need to be replaced by a professional roofing company. A professional roofer should always inspect your attic for you and recommend whether all of your decking or just the damaged pieces should be replaced. 

While in your attic, inspect the insulation as well. If the roof has leaked, it likely got the insulation wet. When insulation is wet or even just damp, it no longer works to regulate the temperature in your home. A roof repair or replacement is the perfect time to replace your insulation. While your roof is being repaired or replaced, the decking can be easily lifted to allow for blow-in insulation to be shot up through a tube into your attic creating little disturbance and no mess.

Structural Integrity

If you caught the leak early, it is unlikely that you will have any structural damage in your home. However, if you had a long-standing leak, then you should check your wood rafters, ceiling joists, and wall frames for deterioration. A weakened frame can pose serious problems like warping and even give way to damage the ceiling and rooms underneath. If you have discovered a chronic leak that allowed water into the wood framing of your home, contact a professional remodeling company as soon as possible.

ElectricianElectrical Wiring

If you have electrical wiring in your attic or ceiling, then your leaking roof could be a fire hazard from shorted wires. During your roof leak, water can also pool around ceiling light fixtures. If left damp, electrical wires can corrode and lead to electrical shorts over time, long after you have remediated the leak. It is unlikely that your ceiling light fixtures are designed for any water exposure, so they might even need to be replaced after being exposed to water. If you find water damage around any part of your electrical system, call a professional electrician to examine it.

Energy Bill

An often-overlooked repercussion of a roof leak is higher energy bills. Your roof, ventilation, and insulation work together to keep your home a consistent temperature. If your roof is damaged, allowing air to flow in and out, or your insulation is wet, then your home will be far less energy efficient. While there is not much you can do to decrease your energy bill while you wait for a roof repair, during the repair is a great time to consider upgrading insulation, ensuring proper attic ventilation, and replacing old roofing materials with new energy-efficient shingles. These upgrades will ultimately lower your energy bills in the future.

Checking all of these parts of the home after a roof leak will safeguard you and your family from more damage. If your roof has sprung a leak or you suspect additional damage to your home after a roof leak, contact Brothers for a free consultation with a roofing expert