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Brothers Design Experts' Standout Kitchen Trends for 2022

Many of the new kitchen design trends build on what we saw in the past year. Still, there are some notable differences that we expect to see in our customer’s kitchens in 2022. Check out this list of our design experts’ favorite kitchen trends for the coming year to help you plan your kitchen renovation.

Statement Pieces

No matter what design aesthetic you are looking for, the hood area of your kitchen is going to be a focal point. Everything from white architectural statement hoods to oversized steel will be a great way to add excitement to the kitchen. And to make the hood area even more of a statement, we expect to see a continuation of standout backsplash options.

Last year, we saw homeowners use handcrafted versions of subway tiles and bold quartz slab backsplashes, and we expect to see this kitchen trend continue. Another statement area is the kitchen island. Many homeowners are choosing neutral perimeter cabinets with solid counters combined with island cabinetry in a natural wood or pop of color with a visually interesting island countertop.

Eclectic Style

The minimalist kitchen has been a staple trend for the past few years, and we don’t expect to see it vanish any time soon. In fact, clean lines, stainless steel appliances, and white cabinets make a lot of sense given the trend for a clean and sanitized living space. However, with a rise in the cottage-style interior design aesthetic, we expect to see people mixing and matching materials, textures, and colors to create comfortable living spaces. In a way, this style is an evolution of the ever-popular farmhouse kitchen style, it just replaces some of the white kitchen elements with natural materials or rich paint colors.

Natural Wood Cabinets

While last year we saw a resurgence in natural-looking finishes like wood grain luxury vinyl tile and colors found in nature, this year we expect to see the natural trend continue into kitchen cabinetry. More homeowners are opting for stained wood cabinets with minimal detail and flat center panels that create a warm feel with a modern twist.

The Rise of “Greige”

While white cabinetry, paint, and countertops have been used to create bright spaces, all white kitchens can quickly become stark. The new way to achieve a bright but warm space is through soft grays with beige undertones, often referred to as “greige”. In combination with brighter countertops, this color family has a more organic feel than the all-white kitchens we’ve seen over the past decade.

Shades of Green

While we saw more blue options incorporated into statement cabinetry and backsplashes last year, we expect to see green become a standout in 2022. This color choice makes sense with the overall lean towards natural materials and a calm, welcoming aesthetic. But this doesn’t mean we’ll just see green becoming a popular paint color choice (although we expect it to). Look out for more green options in kitchen cabinetry mixed with “greige” and natural wood accents.

Integrated Technology

Last year we saw more and more homeowners add new gadgets like smart outlets, outlets hidden within countertops, touchless faucets, and energy-saving kitchen appliances to their homes. However, this year we expect to see a more incorporated smart home. Meaning, homeowners will be able to connect more of their devices like Lutron lighting systems and smart appliances like ovens and microwaves to their smart home hubs, creating convenient, and hands-free control over their kitchen.

Pet-Friendly Hacks

A record number of people brought new pets into their homes over the past two years. And this has created the demand for custom updates that keep these pets in mind. From custom cabinetry that houses stored dog food and drawers that hold dog bowls to built-in beds under islands, and even kitchen-adjacent mudrooms, more and more homeowners are keeping their furry friends in mind when redesigning their kitchens.

Extended Countertops

Whether it’s in the form of extended L-shaped countertops, breakfast bars, a kitchen island – or even double kitchen islands – we expect to see an emphasis on more countertop space in the kitchen area. With many of us multitasking at home over the past two years, homeowners are looking for places with more seating to work on their laptops, have kids do their schoolwork, eat more meals, and have more countertop space to prep food without running into their partner.

Thinking About a Kitchen Remodel?

Remember that while following trends can help your kitchen feel modern, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do what other homeowners are doing. Instead, use the trends and popular aesthetics as ideas for what’s possible. We believe undergoing a kitchen remodel is all about creating your dream space.

No matter what aesthetic you’re looking for in your new kitchen space, Brothers’ design experts can help you create it. We will guide you through materials selections that you can see and feel in our showrooms, so you can be sure everything works together perfectly. Schedule a consultation with a kitchen remodeling expert to get started.