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Five Areas of Your Home to Check Every Spring

As winter comes to a close, it’s a good idea to check how your home has survived the colder months. Here are some important areas of your home you may not typically check every year but should!

icon-window  Windows

Cold, icy winter may have caused seals around windows to harden, loosen, or crack. Be sure to inspect those areas for damage and repair them as needed.

icon-deck Deck

The cold weather may have produced some wear and tear on your deck. Be sure to replace any boards that are damaged and power wash the surface to remove any wood fragments.

icon-chim Chimney

Spring cleaning and chimney inspections go hand-in-hand so be sure to examine the exterior and interior of the chimney for signs of damage. The National Fire Protection Association recommends having your fireplace, vents, and chimney inspected and cleaned annually.

icon-roof Roof

Visually inspect your roof and attic for leaks, cracks and loose shingles. Pay special attention to the most leak-prone regions like skylights and chimneys. Be sure to examine for damage, nail pops, and discoloration so you can quickly discover and prevent a leak.

icon-gutter Gutters

Checking for loose or leaky gutters can help prevent drainage problems that lead to water getting into your foundation. Even though gutters are your home’s major system for funneling damaging water away from the foundation,, they may go unnoticed when thinking about standard spring cleaning areas. Make sure to clean gutters at least once a season and remove debris using a garden hose.

Checking these areas of your home every spring can help avoid costly repairs in the future. Remember your home is your most important investment and the better you maintain it the better it will treat you down the line!


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